Thursday, 13 December 2018

Yet more Ibrox drama as exit looms for third loanee?

Today has seen some truly stunning news breaking in the form of Ryan Kent possibly leaving next month, along with the more predictable story of Umar Sadiq also moving back to Italy, but to add even more staggering news, borderline ever-present Ovie Ejaria has cast massive doubt over his likelihood of staying at Ibrox after he both deleted his Twitter account and unfollowed the official Rangers Instagram feed, as well being left out of the squad to travel to Austria today.

Ejaria hasn’t really developed as an attacking midfielder at Ibrox, and doesn’t seem to be convincing many fans he’s the right solution to hold down a place in central midfield, so his absence from tonight’s squad is not strictly that surprising, but given his frequency of appearances since joining, it is certainly eye-opening given he appeared to be a bit of a Gerrard favourite.

He does still follow Ryan Kent (albeit that could be telling as well), along with his loan manager (of course he would, the man is one of his idol albeit he is actually an Arsenal fan) and Glenn Middleton, but his continuing following of Umar Sadiq who is no longer a Rangers player may also give some insight too.

Nevertheless, it does seem this upcoming January will see a lot of expendable loan players heading out, and we certainly hope Lassana Coulibaly and Joe Worrall are among them.

In fact, if reports filtering through are accurate, every single player signed on loan last summer is either to leave, or already has. The only one not mentioned yet is Coulibaly, and with Greg Docherty’s likely return, that one may solve itself.

Lively times!


  1. Seven changes. Love it. A week late but better late than never. Everyone, everyone has had their opportunity. The axe has fallen. Win, lose or draw I am 100% behind SG. C'mon the Gers. LETS GO.

  2. The thing is IN you could not make this up as you where the one who spoke up all these players that are mentioned and you tell us they are no good. So what happens if get replaced with other loaned players from Liverpool are we down the same road as we where in the summer. Oh Stevie G and his contacts at Liverpool we got conned and took in with one before surely not a second time. No more damp sqibs from Liverpool please and try and be a bit more cautious when we sign players instead of jumping in with both feet put a bit of thought into it and try to process it before judging. As you do tend to get carried away sometimes which is not a bad thing but cool the beans sometimes mate rant over.

    1. Scud, I think if we are getting loan players on board then getting them from Liverpool seems like a good place to get them. Who would you rather we got them from, Tranmere Rovers?

  3. Kent is the one player, I don't understand why he's going. Ejaria can't blame anyone, but himself. He's shown himself to be spineless, in the face of opposition. He'll not be missed. Let that be a lesson to new-comers. Pull your weight or get shipped out. Lafferty needs to pull his socks up, too.

  4. Apparently the game is too physical for him up here. Send him back now he's useless anyway.


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