Saturday, 8 December 2018

Stat reveals huge handicap for Rangers against Dundee

Steven Gerrard faces a major handicap with the loss of Alfredo Morelos for the trip to Dens’ Park, given the following telling stat which highlights just how badly the Colombian has let his team mates down.

In Morelos’ four previous matches against Dundee, he has played a huge part in five of Rangers’ 13 goals (two assists, three strikes) and now Rangers must face the Dens Park side without that level of influence in the side.

Following his latest moment of madness at Ibrox on Wednesday, he is suspended for this one meaning Gerrard must compensate for his loss against the side against which Morelos has in fact been joint most effective against (along with Hamilton).

It’s a big void for Kyle Lafferty to fill, and the Ulster lad hasn’t exactly impressed since returning to Govan – this would be the perfect time for him to fill Morelos’ boots and show Rangers fans the player he is capable of being.

If Lafferty doesn’t fill the hole, Rangers may well have a tough time tomorrow!


  1. Now it's time for lafferty to step up and provery his worth I'm also sure we have some of the second string that can fill morelos and show the first team that their is consequences when you are a hot head and get your self sent off it should be a warning to all.Our disciplinary record is not one for the club of our stature should be proud off it should not just be up to stevie and gary to sort it out our club captain and the senior players should be rallying around and help calm the hotheads down before we persistently fall foul to our enemies at the sfa and scotish league and the media .

  2. Big bad Morelos. All about perspective really. You do realise how bizarre it sounds to say a player who scored 13 goals in previous games vs Dundee has let his team mates down? Factual inaccuracy too, his mistake (ironically in this context) vs Aberdeen did not get him suspended for this game, he was already suspended.
    Let's not let silly things like facts stop even Gers fans from jumping on the anti-Morelos bandwagon.

    I see a 22 year old striker, who is making gradual progress with his discipline, who puts everything on the line during games, has scored 17 goals this season and has assisted or played a key role in almost every other (putting him ahead of every other player in Europe for goal contributions this season), but who, on ocassion, makes mistakes. To crucify someone the way he is whenever he makes a mistake, to consider the terrible scoring rate of the team in his absence as actually his fault, I find completely infuriating and counterintuitive. I hate the quickness of our fans to jump on board with the rest-of-Scotland pillory of Morelos one minute, worshipping him (rightly) the next. I got a bit heated at the Aberdeen game on Wed when an old boy behind me who had been going on about Morelos all game, his movement, his recent goals, changed (literally) to shouting "go home Morelos" when he got sent off. Told him to get away home himself and continue getting his opinions from the media. Granted, I did it in a less polite way than that.
    Frustrating when he gets a daft booking? Definitely. His fault that the team is pathetic without him? Nope. Is he actually a liability/mental/stupid/completely infallible?

    1. Broon - he let his team mates down however you spin it. Impressive attempt at doing so. Incidentally, if Arfield ever does anything again like he did v Hearts, he too will end up on the same path. We called his red card the same thing - he too let his team mates down. So spare us your moralising please.

  3. No moralising here. I agree that the behaviour and suspension is frustrating and disappointing. He absolutely let his team mates down against Aberdeen. I am simply calling for some perspective, maybe even, dare I say it, support through good and bad. I wasn't getting at the writer personally, as it seems to have been taken from the spikey response. I don't share my views elsewhere, because I actually respect IN and their writers. My rant was against wider perceptions of Morelos in our support, as well as across the country. He's the best player in Scotland, in my opinion, yet you wouldn't think it, considering the way he's discussed by many. Compare his coverage to the tepid Christie, who you'd think was the reincarnation of Eusebio until you watched him.

  4. Lafferty better step up, today. He banged enough in for Hearts, last season.


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