Rangers set for big money January bid?


Last summer Rangers entertained speculation on right back James Tavernier, following West Brom’s £3M bid for the-then interim captain.

That bid was rejected, but there is absolutely no doubt next month the 27-year old speed machine will be the source of bids again, and quite frankly we’re torn on what Rangers should do.

He’s signed a long-term deal, so the bid would have to be very healthy indeed, and of course he is Rangers captain so that adds a few quid to his value too. Fans do seem quite divided over his merits – few think he should be wearing the armband – that one we can say is unequivocal and we’ll cover it in a later piece, but what of the rest of his game?

His defending is more often than not an eyesore. Frequently out of position, he doesn’t read the flow of the game at all and doesn’t know when to get back, relying these days on Daniel Candeias covering him.

In attack he offers more – some fine dribbling and width does help Rangers get behind defences, and his set piece delivery can be good.

It can also be poor, and his consistency is certainly a negative. For every good cross, there’s at least two, maybe three poor ones.

We do often suspect if the shackles were taken off Tavernier and he was made a permanent winger he might thrive more – but then he’d get marked far more too so he may be rendered impotent by comparison.

But if a big £7M+ bid comes in? We suspect few fans would want to see it rejected.


  1. If someone offers £6 mill plus…that just can't be knocked back! I'm sure we could get a RB for around £2 mill. Barasic was about £2 mill. No brainer…take the money!

  2. Agree with the above. I'd hope Mark Allen has planned for this eventuality, and has a couple of potential cheaper replacements lined up.

    I like Tav. however, he is not irreplaceable. Happy to be corrected, however, i can't remember any games this year where he has won us a game with an inspirational captains performance

  3. I say take the £ & get much better defender than Tav & he's Never Rangers Captain material at all. Greeigsy is the player (goalie) who's Always trying to rally the lads not Tav & should be Our Captain cause he knows what Rangers is All about. If We get £7million then its a Good deal IMO.

  4. I suspect that is why Flanagan was brought in. Remember, he is an RB, not an LB.
    We would lose Tav's goals and crosses, Flanagan is more defensive, but we would gain solid defence and a fair few million to fill another position

  5. A lot of respect for any Rangers player, but i am afraid he is not the best right back we ever at our club,there has been questions ask every season he has played for us.I for one would take a decent offer if it came in.

  6. Very big fan of Tavs.
    Must be near longest servant at Ibrox.
    His Biggest issues are 2 fold in my view.

    1. 5 Managers now have opted to play him as ATTACKING RB. No cover for HIM when he attacks. So I HE has to do as he is INSTRUCTED.
    so he in covering attacking RM & RB.
    WHO is covering RM or should be?
    2. Fans have since I remember had a Good Proddie Buddie as thier favourite. I did that when I was about 12 also. Yeah such as MacGregor. I used t think he was the dogs. Until he fucked off. As a Bear I much prefer .A non stop, dedicated, ambitious and loyal Skipper or servant as Mr Tavernier.
    He SHOULD be in midfield
    He COULD be on the wing
    He should NOT have been abandoned cover several roles and then get slated for trying.
    He is NEVER really injured like his team mates sick as parrots with splitters.
    He SHOULD be Captain.
    MacGregor has been back 4 months
    His contract runs only for 6 months longer at the moment.
    He HAS ran away when the going got tough.
    Forgive yeah.
    Reward it
    Fuck right off

    If I were TAVERNIER I would do what others have and he has not. Take the bigger money and NOT GET HARRASSED EVERY FUCKING WEEK.

    Lafferty is as dumb and always injured as they come. Maybe he'd satisfy the Tav haters
    Merry Greeting Christmas.

    IBrox Noise. No wonder you take a shAndy

    Merry C

    • Good points Brian. Tav does as he is asked. I would take big money for him, but I respect what he has offered us. People think it is that easy to replace his goals and assists probably thought we wouldn't miss Windass's goals and assists – now look at us.
      Let's not be too quick to move him on, wait for money we can't refuse

  7. Shagger for captain and get that poor excuse sold in January,6/7 mill and get him to fuck,yes he scores goals but how many does he cost us,hate the way he strolls back after going for a wander,thank fuck the candy man covers him also why does he take the corners from the left ??,only a matter of time before some team hits us on the break and hes strolling back into position or out most of the time,while there at it get that fucking donkey worral back to sherwood and get big Nikola back in,Dip in form, my fucking arse,dropped for heehaw because Stevie G rates him,10 million for that cunt,I'll crack the jokes..No Surrender..

    • Max, I don't know. How many has he cost us? Say out of the last 10 or 20 goals we have lost, how many have come from people skinning him or attacking space that either he or Candeias are supposed to be covering?
      "only a matter of time before some team hits us on the break" why hasn't it happened every week in the last 3 years?

  8. I hate to say it but he is dispensable. Jon Flanagan would be a much better player in his natural right-back position, maybe not the same attacking threat but he would free up Candeias to do his best work at the top end of the field.

  9. He is not a player that I would lose sleep over letting him go. He is a bit too Gung Ho for me. He spends more time attacking than defending and a lot of his crosses, free kicks and corners are poor as it seems he cannot be trusted to to find another Rangers player at these instances. As for being captain NO he is too quiet and does not appear to get involved with other players in trying to encourage them or pass on advice. If Rangers are offered £7 million I would say take it as.

  10. Ye know what guys,am actually more concerned with the fact that Gerard keeps playing him at right back and clearly see's the same frailties in defence that we are watching every week and yes he does score goals from pens which I am more than happy with him doing so,but ffs to the bears who are defending him and more so to Gerard…He can't defend and must be put further forward or sold.watp

  11. The way people talk on here you would think we are shipping goals by the barrowload none of the goals we have lost recently have been due to Tavs positioning or wandering back. Candeias covering when he goes forward , is that not what team work is about and as for Flanagan being an adequate replacement , utter tripe , we would lose attacking wise down the right and gain nothing defensively as we are not losing goals from there.Look how we are struggling for goals at the momemt because he is off form .If we get a big offer then we might have to take it , but we would need to sign a replacement , so we need to be careful about losing one of our best players at a time we are in the title race.

  12. Two things – if we are offered £5m plus for ANY player, the bean counters would have to consider it. Tav is a massive asset to the team and clearly plays AS INSTRUCTED.

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