Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Revealed at last; the real reason behind massive Rangers bust up

As the Kenny Miller, Graeme Murty, and Lee Wallace truth will come out one day too, so finally has the Joey Barton and Mark Warburton altercation finally been revealed.

As we covered earlier, ex-forward Josh Windass has been spilling the beans on a wide-ranging number of issues, and one of those finally dropped the truth about what exactly happened on the training ground back the day between Breadman and Barton.

He fully explained:

“We were on the training ground and we’re arguing about the game (the 5-1 at Parkhead) and the lads are talking about when they beat Celtic the year before (cup semi) and Joey’s basically saying ‘this is the here and now, that game’s gone, like we need to start doing it properly now’ and there was a bit of an altercation and I don’t know what’s happened after that because it was between Joey, Davie Weir and Warbs so that’s still never been told.”

It seems Windass has told more than enough. In simple terms, Mark Warburton didn’t like his pinnacle win being undermined by Barton, who argued that it was the past, and they had a fallout over it.

We doubt anything came to blows but clearly Warburton, who we have nothing against incidentally, did not like Barton dismissing the win the year before given it remains the most important jewel in his CV. Both have a point – we all love to relive our glory years and we hate the idea of them being disregarded, but Barton wasn’t completely unfair to try and get things into the present and stop resting on laurels.

And now we know.

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