Attacker reveals truth behind lie about Rangers transfer fee


Former Rangers forward Josh Windass, in a wide-ranging interview with Si Ferry, has revealed the reported transfer fee Wigan paid for his service was completely false, and in fact Rangers received substantially more than the amount claimed.

In a surprise summer window move, Windass, who many expected Steven Gerrard to build his team around given his regular appearances under him, was sold suddenly to Wigan for a reported £1.5M which had Rangers fans up in arms at such a modest fee, but the now Wigan attacker has confirmed Rangers got almost double that.

He said:

“I got a text saying Wigan have had a bid accepted from Rangers of £2.5m and I’m like, ‘accepted, £2.5m?.‘I got 26 goals and assists in a team that wasn’t great for Rangers and they’re accepting £2.5m?”

So while it’s not quite the £5M his peak performance in the Spring might have suggested his value neared, it’s certainly better than the feeble £1.5M Rangers were reported to have ended up with and given how his career has gone since leaving, we’d probably say we rather dodged a bullet.


  1. If he didn't want to leave why the fuck did he sign for wigan all he had to say was fuck them I'm staying at Rangers and that was that done,but he didn't so fuck him he was the hide and seek champ,good riddance…No Surrender…

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