Madness in Russia – boost for Gers as Spartak fall into chaos


In the latest episode of “Rangers’ European Opponents in Disarray” series, Clyde’s Superscoreboard spoke to Russian journalist Alex Roglov about the absolute misery our Russian friends are currently going through and how Rangers may be able to take advantage of their state of chaos to get a big win in Russia.

He said:

“There is a lot of problems with the manager, the club and the fans. After Massimo Carrera exited from the club there is a lot of problems and a lot of negatives about the manager. Interim coach Raul Riancho said a lot of big things in the press conferences and fans listened to these things and said ‘we don’t want Riancho we want Carrera back’. Rangers will be a difficult game for Spartak because there is a lot of problems and pressure on the players. Spartak need to win and I think they want to play in attack but they have a problem with their 4-3-3 and they struggle to create chances in both Europa and Russian Premier League. Of course they can play for 0-0 but they have problems keeping clean sheets and opponents score a lot of goals.”

Going by Roglov’s testimony this is yet another UEL opponent who are in a complete state of panic, and this match with Rangers couldn’t really have come at a worse time.

They sit a reasonable 6th in Russia but they have a paltry three wins in their last 12 matches so Rangers, while themselves struggling with a few personnel concerns, are certainly in a much better place to clinch the win.

We can but hope.


  1. More Media nonsense proir to a big european night, how many times have we heard this utter dross. They will still be ready for us, I just hope we have our own house in order, dont be fooled !!

  2. The thing is if we hammer them tonight I will be very disappointed .A team in complete meltdown going by our friends in the SMSM then we need to have a right good look at ourselves if we don't give them a right good SCUD . AT LEAST 4 A WEE QUID ON 4 ONE 4 NIL IS A HUNDRED BUCKS.

  3. So there you have it guys plenty of dross on display tonight from the players right through to our manager and his staff. Gerrard is on borrowed time now and that's not just me there are plenty of guys with me on this Stevie has to go.

    • Come on Scud Spud! Calm down!This was robbery in Russia! We can still qualify for the knockout stages. Believe in Steve!(My new catchphrase) The management and the team need our support- nothing more-nothing less

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