The black pot of the SPL – a different rule for Rangers?


It’s a frequent occurrence to be appalled with the conduct of the Scottish football authorities, which has now gone beyond the former mild incompetence of the likes of Jim Farry and David Taylor (RIP both) back in the day, and has now been enveloped by a growing agenda against all things Rangers, which appears to be spearheaded now by new SFA CEO Ian Maxwell.

We certainly felt it appearing in the days of Stuart Regan, but following the decision over Paul Gascoigne, the hypocrisy within our game has been magnified tenfold.

Bear in mind, Gascoigne was rejected on ‘health grounds’ whatever the hell that means, but the reality is Celtic-minded individuals just didn’t want him in.

The same Celtic minded individuals who have allowed Neil Lennon to work north of the border despite his questionable antics over the years, and more tellingly, employed Malky MacKay as interim manager of the national team despite his sexism and racism rows.

Apparently that conduct, when carried out by Celtic men, is just fine, but when Gascoigne plays a flute that’s enough to kick him out of the Hall of Fame before he’s even taken off his shoes?

No, there’s a very worrying agenda which clearly plagues our authorities, with a genuinely entrenched value system which despises Rangers.

We always knew No One Likes Us and We Don’t Care, but when it starts to affect the very fabric of what is right and what should be, that’s when we take issue with it.

For the SFA to endorse Mackay and pay him despite his past but reject a symbolic gesture to Gazza is just comical.

And indicate of the way Scottish football has gone over the years.


  1. We should not be at all shocked or disgusted at these people…They all wish us the worst at every turn . The Rotten Mob influence is like a rotten fungus across all of Scottish Football . You just look at what we are in level of ability and moral and forward process across the world …No Fucking Where !!!! The only answer is to fully gut the whole place…However we all know that will not happen…So Boycott all that's of those people..and look after our own only WATP No Surrender

  2. I would really like the 5 that we’re going to boycott the function to be named and shamed, we can except no less.

  3. We must never more, let our enemies prosper. They, are a disgrace. Sheer anti-Rangers, hate. Dave King, needs to chime in on this one. This is just over and above, the daily bile, we bears take. The Gazza issue, is a slap in the face, to us all.

  4. I will say it one more time what a lot of clear thinking bears have been saying for a long time, maybe THIS TIME fellow bears will wake up, smell the coffee and see that THEY by follow following etc help keep these people in their jobs AND support the same enemies who would have us dead….. I know what the pull is to support our club, but its not helping our club, its financing our enemies. Use the same money you use to finance them and use it to buy something FOR our club and put the money into OUR CLUB!!!

    STOP going to Scotland games, stop going to every away game, STOP putting money into their pockets.

    EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME these idiots do what they do, send it to all and sundry… highlight their stupidity, let the world see them for what they are.

    In any other line of business the incompetents at the SFA etc would have been sacked for sheer incompetence and for bringing the organisation into disrepute.

    Strangle their finances and watch what happens.

    On a separate note I hope someone at Ibrox is working hard on finding us a way out of the cesspool ruled by the SFA. Get out and leave them to it.

    • 100% agree. How much money would we have if every penny spent at away grounds was put into Rangers. I know it's not that simple but it makes you think. If there is a way to get us out of Scotland then we should pursue it.

  5. I agree with every word you have printed and have been saying the same since Rangers was shockingly demoted into the third division – these clubs that hate us so much still want our precious coin, but vilify us at every turn – stop going to away games and pack the home games and only by items through RFC.

  6. Their contempt for Rangers is there for all to see. Something by the Club or Supporters needs to be done to address this carry on. What’s Mr King got on them tapes maybe now is the time to volley them back?!

    We can all say who was going to boycott the HOF but it’ll make no odds. They’ll continue to stay in power so we best get used to even more attacks to Rangers…

  7. enough is enough stop going to scotland games stop going to away games .i,e celtic reserves ,hibs ,aberdeen .for starters ,get more seats in ibrox another 10,000 , satisfy the bears our fans will get our days out with european football and semi finals in cup games . watch for the dodgy decisons when we are on top ,r,t,i,d

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