Friday, 12 October 2018

SFA in chaos: another diabolical decision at the highest level...

Just when we thought Scottish football couldn’t swill further into the muck than the idiocy and absolute nonsense of the semi-final fiasco, it has somehow managed to outdo itself and sink deeper into the mire of immorality and boundless cruelty.

Thanks to one suit, one single board member who decided he or she would boycott the Scottish football Hall of Fame induction due to the rightful installation of the biggest star and one of the biggest talents Scottish football has ever enjoyed, the SFA in their wisdom have similarly decided to reject Paul Gascoigne and ditch him from his deserved place at the pantheon of the greats north of the border.

Coming one day after World Mental Health Day, well, sometimes irony, cruelty and outright humiliation of one of the finest players to ever strut his stuff up here isn’t quite enough to sum up the absolute disgrace, embarrassment and shoddiness of the call to retract the induction.

Apparently ‘concerns about his health’ were cited as a reason, which we find beyond flabbergasting and comprehension; this is a man who has needed support and help from the day he hung up his boots, and while no one would be so naïve to defend his every action, Paul Gascoige, a deeply flawed individual, is one the kindest, nicest and most decent people to ever have played the game.

It’s this kind of person that’s the most vulnerable to falling foul of addiction, to suffering the weaknesses of pleasures of the flesh, and during a time where, as he ages, support is more needed for his frailties, the SFA decide to publicly humiliate him and ditch the induction.

All because someone didn’t want him in. We gather ‘it’s not personal’ – sorry, but it is. The Hall of Fame should be about football accomplishments, about honouring those who gave to the game so much. Few brought as much to Scottish football as Paul Gascoigne did – and sure, some of his antics weren’t morally outstanding, but does butter melt in your mouth either?

Someone didn’t want Paul Gascoigne to be honoured, because they just didn’t. And that self-righteous indignation from someone we assume to be whiter than white has made something even worse happen – the SFA to listen.

This is simply another example of our game run shambolically by absolute fools, out of touch with modern life, and what is the right thing to do.

Gascoigne deserves to be in there – he deserves honoured for what he did on the pitch in Scotland. And no one has the right to take that away from him.

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