Friday, 12 October 2018

SFA in chaos: another diabolical decision at the highest level...

Just when we thought Scottish football couldn’t swill further into the muck than the idiocy and absolute nonsense of the semi-final fiasco, it has somehow managed to outdo itself and sink deeper into the mire of immorality and boundless cruelty.

Thanks to one suit, one single board member who decided he or she would boycott the Scottish football Hall of Fame induction due to the rightful installation of the biggest star and one of the biggest talents Scottish football has ever enjoyed, the SFA in their wisdom have similarly decided to reject Paul Gascoigne and ditch him from his deserved place at the pantheon of the greats north of the border.

Coming one day after World Mental Health Day, well, sometimes irony, cruelty and outright humiliation of one of the finest players to ever strut his stuff up here isn’t quite enough to sum up the absolute disgrace, embarrassment and shoddiness of the call to retract the induction.

Apparently ‘concerns about his health’ were cited as a reason, which we find beyond flabbergasting and comprehension; this is a man who has needed support and help from the day he hung up his boots, and while no one would be so naïve to defend his every action, Paul Gascoige, a deeply flawed individual, is one the kindest, nicest and most decent people to ever have played the game.

It’s this kind of person that’s the most vulnerable to falling foul of addiction, to suffering the weaknesses of pleasures of the flesh, and during a time where, as he ages, support is more needed for his frailties, the SFA decide to publicly humiliate him and ditch the induction.

All because someone didn’t want him in. We gather ‘it’s not personal’ – sorry, but it is. The Hall of Fame should be about football accomplishments, about honouring those who gave to the game so much. Few brought as much to Scottish football as Paul Gascoigne did – and sure, some of his antics weren’t morally outstanding, but does butter melt in your mouth either?

Someone didn’t want Paul Gascoigne to be honoured, because they just didn’t. And that self-righteous indignation from someone we assume to be whiter than white has made something even worse happen – the SFA to listen.

This is simply another example of our game run shambolically by absolute fools, out of touch with modern life, and what is the right thing to do.

Gascoigne deserves to be in there – he deserves honoured for what he did on the pitch in Scotland. And no one has the right to take that away from him.


  1. just another example of who is actually running that circus they call the sfa, embarrassment is an understatement, every club around the world has heard of Gazza and now every club around the world are witnessing how much of a bunch of fucking idiots are running Scottish football, fucking clowns.

  2. Absolutely disgusting what they have done too this legend the best player to ever kick a ball up here probably one off the best anywhere this vile member off this joke board needs named and shamed gazza was no angel but a mentally ill broken man who was unstoppable at his brillant best.No many things get too me lately about this mob its expected they will try there best too keep us down but this is disgusting and below the belt

    1. Me too. It upsets me and makes me ragin, at same time.

  3. game up here is posion anti rangers lets move to england and let scottish football die . gazza was a gentleman on the park probablly the best player ever too play in scotland ,no wonder were known as the mick ey mouse league ,

  4. Once again Celtic SFA strikes again. The only way to get rid of this mob is revolution. Our game itself is gutter level as shown last night at Israel!
    Only the fans can can change this. I suggest boycott all Scotland games, hit the SFA where it hurts, their pockets!!
    The appointments to run our game have driven it to the ground. We have an Englishman who is in charge of the SFA and Irish sympathizers running it!! Scotland does not stand a chance in this set up!!
    Instead of talking about change, lets actually do something about it!! Stop going to Scotland games! Pains me to say that, but something has to be done!
    Gazza will always be a hero in my heart, I could not give two god damn hoots what they think!

    1. You wrote the words I was thinking Jimbo word for word 100% agree Doubt we will see anyone up here who could lace Gazza's boots ever again

  5. This is down to complaints from the east end of Glasgow,and the scumbag neil Cameron from the herald.

  6. An absolute joke and double standards. Who in the SFA was planning on the boycott.

    If their stance is because of his past i.e domestic abuse / racist comments..then why are neil lennon and malky mackay working in scottish football. The SFA even appointed the racist Mackay.

  7. Smells of green and white shite! Gazza whether he played for Ranger's or another Scottish club was one of the most talented players we have seen in Scotland and was a great servant to the ger's and Scottish football.
    Many players sadly have there problems with the demon drink, George Best just one yet another great talent.
    The hall of fame is acknowledging there talents on the field and contribution to the game and nothing else. Good job we don't have it for the SFA (sweet fu**ING arse holes) because none of these twats would be in it.
    The way football is run in Scotland is a joke it's a diddy league with diddy teams and more than half the twats running the SFA are chairman or directors of said diddy teams. Rangers and Celtic should leave the Scottish leagues aye they would miss us then less money even Didier league, I could rant on but nothing will change till we all stand up and tel them we've had enough. Way to have a drink masel now take calm down.

  8. The Green SFA have shot themselves in the foot again, with this one. The story has already leaked out of Scotland and anger, is rising on many fronts. When they turn on one of our biggest icons, you know the shit, is about to hit the fan. Gazza never claimed to be a perfect person and his flaws are their for all to see. But this humiliation of a man working hard to overcome his difficulties, is a step too far. Time for a sea-change, at the SFA.

  9. Im not in the least bit surprised about this, they have always had an agenda against everything Rangers and always will, it wont change, the SFA are corrupt to the core and l was one happy bunny when the Scotland team got humiliated by a bunch of nobodies last night, fuck the SFA and everything it stands for

  10. Alan you’re right they should name and shame them but they won’t plane and simple mate! We all know who would’ve been behind this debacle.The two Clubs that have hated us for the glory years period.

    Not one bollock was given for Paul’s health it was purely their utter disdain towards our Club. What this will do to Gazza is anybody’s guess but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist and say it’ll be positive news!

    Lowlife that’s what they are..

  11. If anybody in the SFA had any balls they’d stand up like a man and explain why Gazza shouldn’t be included. They won’t they’ll get their assassins in the Papers to write articles about Paul’s checkered past, his mental health issues and so on.

    If ever Rangers were hated before in the past it has increased since. They don’t have one thought for Paul’s Mental Health that’s a given. To give the master of his craft on the field an award and then remove it - WOW.

    Well done you cowards hiding behind your Press 👏🏼👏🏼

  12. Thanks to everyone for these great comments. It's disgraceful disrespectful and down right hateful Gazza is a legend We will always love him ...They are ruining Scottish Football..Like Bluebear I too was laughing at that pish getting humped by Isreal last night ..Unless they are completely gutted of those who hate Rangers and favour the other mob'll be always the same ...Boycott anything that puts any money in their pockets Bastards !!!!

    1. What kept you guys. I have hated everything to do with the Scottish national team for many years and wish them humiliation at every turn. I was once a proud Scotsman but find my country and flag overtaken by petty small minded people who would happily tear our club and country apart for their own personal gain.
      Stop supporting the SFA and drain money from Scottish football by not attending away matches.
      Please if there is any way to get out of here then let's start exploring it. Even if it means taking Ceptic with us. Oh how I would love to see teams like Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs and Dundee Utd wither and die.

  13. I’m astounded that people are actually surprised by this decision.
    The Republic of Scotland’s Football Association are merely following the long term plan to ensure it’s aligned with the East End football League.
    As a long standing Rangers fan of over 60 years who has been living in England for the last 15 years I really despair with the obvious anti Rangers feeling across the entire country.
    I personally would love to see the club dispense with Scotland and work their way through the ranks of English football where they would be treated fairly and equally.
    The impact of no “blue pound” would be the death knell of the “Republic of Scotland Football “
    Anyone who thinks otherwise just needs to cast their mind back to no sponsorship, limited tv rights, no sponsor for cup competitions etc, etc.

  14. scarbear72 your spot on we should have moved down road 7 years ago when we had the chance ,couple characters stole cant imagine how many millions from rangers football club ,the millions of rangers fans have been blamed by s,f,a ,surely mr king and his lawyers are gathering evidence on whats been going on for last 6 years ,referees decisions ,e,t,c there still trying to keep us down ,mr gerrard lets go down south

  15. Whats the script here with my comments

    1. No idea who you are or what you’re saying, because you’re coming up as unknown. But if you posted anything unsavoury then it was likely rejected.

  16. The hypocrisy is unbelievable,I live in London and football fans from all clubs here can't believe it totally agree with scarbear 72 on this ,if only we get out of this shambolic situation and join the English leagues and work our way up ,some kind of demo against this should be organised for Gazza.

  17. I'm not even going to beat about the bush here. The chair of the SFA is Hibs' "exuberant" Rod Petrie.

    Now Rod, as hard as this is as a Hibs fan for you to understand, your overwhelming hate for Paul Gascoigne is nearly doubled by the love and support this man has received nationwide.

    The Scottish Hall Of Fame is about football characteristics and everything that was glamorous about our league was brought by players like Paul Gascoigne and Terry Butcher.

    Elite footballers.

    To go down the route of citing past demeanours and mental health as the reasons why he has been disgustingly rejected after acceptance is showing how much of a muk you are Rod Putrid.

    You forget about the horrid disease George Best had to overcome before his death.

    But no one doubted his footballing characteristics.

    You forget about Jinky Johnstone and his domestic abuse coupled with alcoholism but we appreciate his footballing characteristics.

    And Jock Stein, who was known to have unfortunately, covered up one of the biggest scandals in British history.

    But no one doubted his footballing characteristics.

    Paul Gascoigne comes with his demons. But my God this has left our game in a shadow of how hypocritical and shambolic our game really is.

    God bless you Gazza
    No one doubts your footballing characteristics and what you brought to this country.

    Biggest name even ever after Gerrard.

    You will always be loved by us.

    Coco x

  18. As with a previous situation, another nameless indi-vididual. would 'nt happen to be the same prominent chairman who made secret phone calls, his mob have history with unamed sources. God forbid, but these hypocrite bastards would be the type to show their faces and tell us how paul made a wonderful contribution to scottish football on behalf of their association if anything were to happen to him. these bastards benefited from gazza and many others under the rangers revolution at the time. makes me sick and angry to the pit of my stomach. on the contary though we could campaign for all our legends to be removed from the residence of these nationlist and republican corridors of power. In short should we really want anything to do with them. This same organzation stood by and watched it's country's biggest and most succesful football club being dismantled from top to bottom by fraudsters despite numerous warnings. THEY MAY TAKE GAZZAS HALL OF FAME ACCOLADE- BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE THE MEMORIES, TROPHIES OR MEDALS. WE WILL HONOUR U IN OUR HALL OF FAME BY CROWD FUNDING A STATUE, C'MON BEARS!

  19. Can i suggest at the next home game we all display the NO.8 by cards and on the 8th minute mark we all rise and sing GAZZAS name along with spurs and newcastle fans aike. can someone sort this, show the LOVE for the LEGEND.


  21. ...and Everyone wonders why Rangers Sing Messages like 'Fuck The SFA' etc

    Absolute Disgrace!

    Gazza was one of the top 3 players to grace The Scottish Game ...FACT!

    His well known problems with Alcohol etc have NOTHING to do with his previous years footballing Ability.

    And like Vinnie Jones said on the Alan Brazil Talkshow ...are they gonna punish other sportsmen who have had "Issues" such as Freddie Flintoff

    Of Course They Arent't!
    Its Because its Rangers!!!

    Their is a poisonous Agenda against Rangers within Scottish Football and it makes me sick 😠


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