Rangers player ratings v Hamilton – what did Rossiter score?


After a pretty astonishing turnaround in a match during which Rangers predictably struggled, a stunning 1-4 scoreline gives Steven Gerrard their first away win in the league since February.

But who stood out and who fared worse on this bizarre afternoon in Hamilton? Ibrox Noise brings you our post-match ratings as always:

Allan McGregor:

Quiet one for McGregor – didn’t really have many saves to make, and was beaten all ends up for Boyd’s staggering goal. 6

James Tavernier:

Very good display again from Tav, he’s really hit form and becoming a true asset. Defending was solid and resolute, and intercepted many balls in the opposing half as well. Crossing wasn’t in much evidence but when you nab two penalties and essentially do nothing wrong the whole match, that’s tolerable. 8

Connor Goldson:

Slow start but grew into things, Goldson hates artificial surfaces but managed to adjust as the match wore on. Was pretty poor for the goal standing off Boyd, and there was a hell of a fankle with Katic as well, but for his own part had a good game. 7

Nikola Katic:

Oh boy, where do we start here. Firstly we were fully expecting Worrall to start given Katic’s public complaints about 3G, and his injury issues caused by them, so honestly his name on the team sheet stunned us. And his performance, if you can call it that, was absolutely horrific. A shadow of the pre-dropped Katic, this was a player in from the cold and who didn’t look like he feels valued any more. Constant wayward passing, all over the place for that Goldson mix up, and just honestly one of the worst defensive performances we’ve seen from a blue shirt in years. Dire. But we’re not sure we entirely blame him for this. 2

Andy Halliday:

Solid, little got past him and while many were surprised he got the nod over Flanagan, he did himself reasonable justice. A decent if unspectacular performance. 6

Jordan Rossiter:

The shock on the team sheet as Rossiter started on 3G much to the disbelief of pretty much everyone. It wasn’t a particularly great display quite honestly, he did work hard but we didn’t see the energy and movement and pressing we saw at Easter Road last season, and he made two or three hashes at tackles, while misjudging the ball a few times too. But, it’s his second start in the SPL so we do account for that, along with the awful surface. 5

Lassana Coulibaly:

Still isn’t matching his old form, and was basically anonymous until late on, Coulibaly really needs to get his act together and stop acting like a hundred year old engine that needs 25 cable pulls before it finally starts up. Great when in form, and a hard worker, but he still isn’t in that zone yet. 5

Ovie Ejaria:

The most productive midfielder certainly, and made a few things happen. But it’s more an indictment of the other two that he attains that rating. He was more dangerous, more useful on the ball, and managed a few venomous shots but ultimately still looks like he absolutely doesn’t want to be here and honestly looked like he didn’t give a sh*t during the Morelos goal celebrations – his glum face was quite a contrast to everyone else’s smiles. We just can’t take to this guy however hard we try. 6

Ryan Kent:

Quiet first half but what a goal – and then ramped up the second half with more running and particularly defensive work. It wasn’t his best display and nowhere near the level v Hearts and Rapid but he can’t play that way all the time. And he is certainly giving the shirt everything he has. 7

Daniel Candeias:

Hard working outing, not as inspired as previous ones but continuing the returning graft ethic that seemed to disappear lately. Didn’t do a tonne attacking wise but kept plugging away anyway. 6

Alfredo Morelos:

It’s always fun when we get to rate Alf. Another eventful 90 from Morelos, with one outstanding assist and two brilliant near assists/play ins (Coulibaly and Tavernier), but struggled to do much as an actual 9 which is his main job. Until, that is, he wonderfully finished off an unintended assist from Candeias. A physical presence but also doing a much better job with his temperament and ignored all bait. And boy did they try. Was rewarded for his graft by that stunning goal. 8

Steven Gerrard:

This was a weird one. We knew there would be some changes given the surface and the international break and the fact it was away, but we couldn’t fathom Rossiter and Katic starting, or indeed Flanagan languishing on the bench. And until Tav’s first penalty, it was looking like another dark away day Gerrard had got wrong. He got a bit of fortune today, but maybe you need that to finally arrest the dreadful slump of away performances, and equally we won’t begrudge him that. However once in the lead Rangers were far too content with it, and didn’t work enough to increase it – pure complacency and it was Stevie’s half time job to make sure that didn’t happen. But… end of the day it says 1-4 and if you’re going to criticise the manager for things that go wrong, you have to praise for the things that go right, even if they were a tad fortuitous. 7

A truly odd one that didn’t really look like 1-4 but the points are what matter and finally Rangers have a desperately-needed win on the road.

And now three wins on the trot. Momentum.


  1. Poor poor performance, only joy l got was from today were our own fans there belting out the tunes, im just glad Spartak Moscow got beat at home 3-2 after an early lead or else I would've been dreading Thursday but our report card says, must do better, much much better

  2. You’re rating of Katic is very unfair but that’s just my own opinion. We all know he doesn’t like these 3G pitches but in fair didn’t really let much get past him.

    Tav in the first half stood off his man in an open box by about 2 yards ball watching. Only thing that helped was his penalty conversions. Kent never looked in it even though he had the ball plenty. Alf’s through ball for Kent’s goal was top drawer but what a finish from Kent..

    End of the day we played pish second half but come away with 3 points – as the Gaffer says that’s what wins leagues ��⚪️��

  3. That match was dire I don't think Rossiter made a forward pass in 90 minutes,your spot on with katic a pure mare.and I think your being very generous re goldson, did not look comfortable,coulibaly and candeias struggled, at least ejaria was trying,a very poor display but good result.

    • He did in the first half Rossiter was always looking for the ball even with a man on him. The first game back for the boy an a 3G pitch give him a break.. Try supporting the lad

  4. Was pretty woeful, ref is handy with a card too! If Morelos hadn't scored I'd of said Hamilton had be been cheated of a draw. Just not good enough. Katic threw a massive wobbler after being subbed. Threw his tracksuit into the dugout, I hope this was a reaction to his performance and not at being subbed. He was woeful today and should of been hooked at half time. The result and points are all that matters but what a disappointing performance from everyone including Morelos. It was a good goal but seemed of the pace today and was more of a 7 for me. Tav was my MoM and probably the only player I would say performed properly. 4-1 flatters us.It is just after the break so onwards and upwards.

  5. Pretty much agree with the scoring, but would take a point off Coulibaly and give it to Candeias, who worked hard all game.

  6. I feel sorry for Katic. And would actually rate Goldson lower. That’s the 2nd time that Insead of moving in to help his partner he left him exposed time and again. He did the same with worrel the other week. That half chance that Hamilton had I blame Goldson. He could easily have hit it to row z but stood back and watched.
    Plus I can’t understand our midfield today. Looked like two defensive midfielders. Our wingers couldn’t get involved as much cause of the run on that pitch as well as the balls over the top bouncing so much

  7. Well we all must see different attributes in players. Morelos woeful really? The boy had an ankle stood on the first 15 min which aggravated his hamstring anybody could see that ffs.. He played on but and set up Kent – then the penalties need I say more? Ohh wait his GOAL ��
    Katic passing was woeful true but he only missed timed one contact that let a player through..

    • I'll clarify your right Morelos wasn't woeful he was better than the rest bar Tav. I just felt that he wasn't his usual self today. Reminded me of Morelos last season a bit.

  8. Our best midfield players were all missing. We have huge games coming up. We must give Gerrard a break. He must rotate squad. We finally got break from a ref. We are on our way back. It’s part of long haul. Six months ago we would be delighted to be where we are.

  9. Not sure why Goldson was marked up – both he and Katic were dreadful and this goes down as one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. We probably saw a good example of why other countries view Scottish football as a bit of a joke and the pitch certainly played its part in that. Happy with the result and really looking forward to the next two games.

  10. With respect to IN, I think you fellas are being a bit harsh, on Rossiter and Katic. Katic took a few hard knock and cleared the lines, more than once. One time, with an accurate, high kick. Rossiter has just come back from a knock, so he was trying to pass quick and avoid getting tackled by Hamilton Urangutans who we KNOW are both physical and, aggressive. Like Motherwell, another bunch of Neanderthals who always turn up the gas, against Rangers. So I think it was a fair result, in the end. Got what we deserved.

  11. I still think Katic is a better defender than Joe Worrall He didn't miss many tackles or challenges , they need to work with him to keep his passing short and deliberate. I thought Ejaria was deceptively good in the 2nd half . Result was all it is … the big dilemma is how do we attack the Sheep Shaggers with no Striker…I would play Kent down the middle with Middleton on the right …LETSGO

    • We will be so much better as it will be played on grass. This 3G bollocks really is an embarrassment and has to go. I played on a few ( obviously not professional level but decent) and it really is a different game. No wonder we can’t attract tv money 🙄

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