Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Rangers hit by new shirt issues...

Things are pretty good at Ibrox these days. Momentum is in our favour, we have a glamour tie with the under-pressure Spartak Moscow tomorrow to look forward to, and we’ve finally won away from home in the league.

Frankly that's what we'd like to be talking about, rather than anything negative, but we have been alerted, a few times now, to an issue which has, it seems, started to become a real problem off the pitch, which pertains to shirt sales.

We have been contacted by quite a few supporters who have raised this problem and we do wonder what the retail sector is up to regarding this.

To mention one recent reader, who will remain anonymous, who got in touch the other day wondering where his shiny new Hummel Rangers shirt was, having been ignored in subsequent enquiry emails – he ordered his (two for that matter) on the 22nd. Of September.

And it’s been a small but recurring theme we’ve been noticing with this new retail venture. By negotiating a way around SD, and managing to bring the operation mostly in-house, teething problems have occurred.

Like any understanding group or supporter or customer, we accept when things do go wrong, as long as we’re kept abreast of the situation via updates.

But many of these enquires about the status of the order are being completely ignored and given some fans are spending £120 a time or more, it’s pretty shoddy in all honesty.

The delay in dispatch is bad enough, but the complete radio silence on follow ups actually bothers us even more. It’s borderline rude.

In all these cases we hope the fans get what they paid for, even if it’s taken inordinately long – but courtesy and customer service has to improve as well.

Rangers are charging £60 for a shirt and in many cases not delivering the goods.

Not acceptable.

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