Spartak stunner; Rangers one match away from European history…


Rangers could be set to make history tomorrow for our third Europa League group match. Having managed 10 90 minutes’ in a row without defeat already in this season’s Europa League, Rangers could go one step further and clinch a Scottish record of 11 games in succession where no defeats have been suffered.

Rangers’ history in European competition is littered with some incredible runs, but even the finest achievements in the past (72, 92, 08) still had individual match losses during their runs – tomorrow Rangers have a chance to make it 11 individual matches in a row without a single defeat in Europe, a feat which would be absolutely staggering given where we were in July 2017.

Of course, it was only qualifying, and we do account for the fact Shkupi are no PSG, but given where Rangers have been even only earlier this year, the achievement of getting to the group stage of the UEL then not only holding our own in the competition but managing to top our group has to, in context, be considered one of our club’s greatest-ever achievements (more on that later).

But going 11 unbeaten at any European level would be utterly stunning and it appears a new Scottish record of achievement in Europe. And that’s a record we can’t ever see anyone coming close to.

NB: a slight oversight on our part regarding 92/93 – this would be our second best run rather than the out and out best. Still, worth cheering about if we do it anyway.


  1. I think you'll find our current unbeaten record in Europe spans 3 season from 1991/92 to 1993/94 and covers 12 games so we've still a way to go to beat that record…

    • We stand corrected. We forgot CSKA only held us at Ibrox on the final match day rather than beating us – that's what threw us. Still, it would still be our second best run anyway.

  2. Still a Massive Achievement considering The Mess the club has been through over the past 7/8yrs
    From Annan to Aberdeen to Villareal

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