Monday, 22 October 2018

Rangers fans will be disgusted yet inspired by this bizarre club stat...

Where Rangers’ away form this past six+ months has verged on the embarrassing, yesterday’s victory over Hamilton, while nowhere near as convincing as we’d want on the pitch regardless of score, nevertheless spelled a quite incredible stat, which frankly staggers us on reflection.

Thanks to the 1-4 win over Martin Canning’s men, Rangers have now won three matches in a row in all competitions for the first time, not only this season and under Steven Gerrard, but since February the 18th as well.

The first time we have managed to win three times in a row for the lion’s share of a year.

This is both embarrassing and superb at the same time, certainly surreal.

It is of course embarrassing because it’s almost impalpable that a Rangers side would struggle to win three competitive fixtures in a row, regardless of how good we are or what division we’re in or what particularly competition we’re aiming for. In fact, it is almost disgraceful really, if we’re blunt.

It is, however, superb, that Steven Gerrard’s ever-improving Rangers have now managed to break that duck, to crack that woeful record and end such an unwanted barometer, and we have now proven we can win three matches in a row.

That it took this long is, of course, disappointing, and Gerrard himself will be more than a touch frustrated that his summer work, while evidently going in the right direction, took until the tail end of October before he finally tasted victory three times on the trot.

But it’s equal to the testament of slow and meaningful progress that it has now happened. That Rangers may now finally have some true momentum and that is worth its weight in gold.

We will analyse the actual performance at New Douglas Park in more detail later today, but while we accept that overall it was considerably below good enough, nevertheless it was sufficient to win. Hamilton did give a worryingly good account of themselves and we were lucky – but you make your luck, and thanks to a number of incisive attacks, Rangers gave themselves the scenarios from which they got some fortune.

But when all is said and done, it was a win, away from home, for Steven Gerrard’s first three points in the league on our travels.

And his first 3IAR.

That’s progress.
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