Umar Sadiq ‘axed’? A clarification…


After some news outlets this evening made a very misleading headline claim, we should clarify what happened with Umar Sadiq.

Going by the titles, Steven Gerrard has axed his big summer striker signing to the development team, and this is of course completely inaccurate.

It is true that Sadiq today lined up for the U20s V Falkirk, but given he’s not had many minutes in the first team yet and is still to fully gain match fitness and sharpness, plus get used to his new surroundings and team mates, Gerrard very wisely put him in Graeme Murty’s squad for the Bairns’ clash and he will still be in the squad for Thursday’s second leg v Maribor.

The young striker is not quite yet acclimatised to Scotland and the SPL, but he is working hard to get there, and minutes with the youth is the way players who are a little off match readiness attain it.

Bear in mind also he himself is only 21, so very much a spring chicken himself, and it must be worth remembering first team star and recently promoted Glenn Middleton was on the bench for said match.

In short, nothing to see here, and it’s headlines for headlines’ sake.


  1. Its the usual scaremongering that some factions of the press like to make against Rangers. Why not discuss the fact it looks like the wheels are coming off over at parkhead instead

    • Rob, Middleton got the 2nd 45 minutes replacing Sadiq, I expect both to be on the team flight out tomorrow.
      So both got some game time.

  2. The player isn’t up to speed and settled. Good move to play him with the U21’s. Not axed. We will all do well to stay away from such negative connotations.

  3. I don’t like the idea that a striker we bought in isn’t up to match fitness. If Morelos got injured we are screwed. We should have brought in a match ready to go striker and Lafferty as back up

  4. Agree with most of your what you say IN except 21 is no ‘spring chicken’ in football. At 21, assuming they have the ability and maturity, most top players are in their respective first team squads in their home country or abroad.

  5. The apparent hunting of Lafferty of late is intriguing.
    He, and Sadiq appear to have similar qualities in terms of physique and style of play.
    Not for me to comment too much on this, other than to suggest Umar is perhaps not fitting the suit in the eyes of the Manager.
    Despite the eternal 'head-butting' embarrassment, I am of the belief Lafferty has matured through time, and for the sake of less than a million, he would prove to be a potent signing, capable of producing on the big stage.

    • I agree and have the same reservations about Sadiq. He is a fit 21 year old professional footballer from a top Italian club who know how to keep their players in top condition. He has been here 5 weeks now and is still not getting game time on the basis that he's not fully fit. Really? If he was half the player we hoped he would be then he'd be standing out in training and would be playing more minutes even if he was only 80% fit. I suspect the manager may be a tad disappointed in what he has seen. Please prove me wrong Umar!

  6. We should not have signed Sadiq if he wasnt ready to go Immediately

    And I think we should have got for Dom Solanke Instead anyways 🤔

    Also wish we would hurry up and get the lafferty deal done!
    Literally how hard is it?

  7. Wish we were as wise, in not, letting Murty return. Carrying on his losing ways, with the development squad and a 1-0 loss to Falkirk. ???

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