Friday, 10 August 2018

Revealed; why Josh Windass REALLY left Rangers

Steven Gerrard has revealed the real reason Rangers sold Josh Windass – because he couldn’t guarantee the forward that he’d play him as a striker.

Speaking in his presser, Gerrard admitted that Windass wanted to be the main striker every single match, and he couldn’t guarantee selecting him there, so the former Accrington man decided to quit for Wigan where we’d imagine manager Paul Cook will set him as the main 9 for the Championship side.

Gerrard said:

“Wigan got to a number that the board were happy with. The board put the decision in myself and Mark’s (Allen) hands. Spoke to Josh this morning and asked him what he wanted to do and he made it clear he wanted to go down and speak to Wigan. Josh wants to be a number 9 every single game for Rangers, I couldn’t guarantee him that; maybe Paul Cook said to him that you’ll be my number 9 every single week and that’s probably been the thing that’s triggered his decision.”

There is a part of us hugely relieved Windass is gone. His toxic father was bad enough, but the attacker’s own relationship with supporters was poor at best and downright testy at worst and while there was a goalscoring talent there, we doubt he’d ever have ended up universally popular even if he’d scored 50 a season.

End of the day, he didn’t fit into Rangers’ plans and Gerrard’s admission yesterday also reveals what was said to Windass in Dubai, something the former Accrington man wouldn’t divulge some weeks ago.

And as soon as this interest surfaced, the 24-year old was off as quick as he could.

A pity his father couldn’t keep his big mouth closed.
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