Revealed; why Josh Windass REALLY left Rangers


Steven Gerrard has revealed the real reason Rangers sold Josh Windass – because he couldn’t guarantee the forward that he’d play him as a striker.

Speaking in his presser, Gerrard admitted that Windass wanted to be the main striker every single match, and he couldn’t guarantee selecting him there, so the former Accrington man decided to quit for Wigan where we’d imagine manager Paul Cook will set him as the main 9 for the Championship side.

Gerrard said:

“Wigan got to a number that the board were happy with. The board put the decision in myself and Mark’s (Allen) hands. Spoke to Josh this morning and asked him what he wanted to do and he made it clear he wanted to go down and speak to Wigan. Josh wants to be a number 9 every single game for Rangers, I couldn’t guarantee him that; maybe Paul Cook said to him that you’ll be my number 9 every single week and that’s probably been the thing that’s triggered his decision.”

There is a part of us hugely relieved Windass is gone. His toxic father was bad enough, but the attacker’s own relationship with supporters was poor at best and downright testy at worst and while there was a goalscoring talent there, we doubt he’d ever have ended up universally popular even if he’d scored 50 a season.

End of the day, he didn’t fit into Rangers’ plans and Gerrard’s admission yesterday also reveals what was said to Windass in Dubai, something the former Accrington man wouldn’t divulge some weeks ago.

And as soon as this interest surfaced, the 24-year old was off as quick as he could.

A pity his father couldn’t keep his big mouth closed.


  1. It is the manager who makes the footballing decisions and which position a player will be assigned, not the other way round. If they are not happy with that then they should leave… Windass has just done

  2. As soon as a rangers player refers to us the fans as them or they your days are numbered.

  3. Was at a dinner two years ago where his father was the guest speaker, it was clear Rangers were only a stepping stone, but it was a move to E.P.L. was the hope for his son.His son can play but he disappoints more and disappears during the game.Championship will find him out,i watch Blackburn Rovers with grandson as i no longer travel to Ibrox, but like every fan Rangers still very much in my heart.So i will see D.W.this season when he comes to Ewood,and i will be surprised if he gets the number 9 shirt as Wigan have already a pretty decent forward line.Time will tell, but i agree with the comment his father seems a very high opinion of his son which is only natural , but good luck to the lad.

  4. Josh goes with my good wishes the lad is as good as he is going to be …good business by Rangers for a change on both him and young John . I think he will do quite well in the Championship Now we need Lafferty!!!!

  5. I can't say I'm sad about this…I think the team will benefit from him moving on.
    He never fitted in did he? Managers fitting teams around him and him not fitting around the team either….! It was a recipe for disaster.
    I will say though that Josh is a VERY decent player and could be a great player but he didn't fit in here. We all know that.
    Good luck to him though. All the very best to you mate!
    On another note…If we play like we did in the second half tonight + Ryan Jack next week…Here we go! Very happy with that performance. WOW

  6. I don't think he was god's gift to football, strikers or Rangers
    BUT, he was 3rd top league scorer last year behind Fredo and Boydchenko- who was not famous for his workrate outside the box – and had a bucketload of assists too.
    For the pittance we got, can someone please explain who they think we can buy who will deliver what we have lost?
    Kent and Ejaria have not done so this far, although I accept they are still bedding in. When Waghorn goes for over £5 million, we could spend more than that to replace Windass.
    And don't get me started on the going rate for the current Wales left back!!!!

  7. Good luck to the boy. I could see his potential when he came a few years ago.

    It’s a Staggering lack of ambition leaving Rangers, Stevie G, 50k+ fans, Europa Cup and in time Champs League to run out for Wigan in front of an average gate of 9k.

    Windass Senior was a journeyman who made a few quid in the English lower leagues and I’ve no doubt junior will do the same.

    He has a mental block where being a central striker is concerned and can certainly do a job there, although not good enough for a rejuvenated Gers. His problem is he can’t find a way to influence games consistently, regardless of where he plays up top. For me that’s a major problem as all good players can do that.

    TaTa to junior, Senior is a big mouth arsehole.

  8. …..sad to say, but for me (so far) I just don’t see anything in Arfield. A yard off the pace so far in blue, again last night v Maribor. Gives the ball away cheaply and too easy to play against. His workrate may be decent but that’s never enough. Weak link….. so far.

    • completely agree. happy to give him time but haven't seen much to impress me so far. not even sure what position he's most suited to yet

  9. Spot on I.N thats exactly why the lad failed because of his father wouldnt shut his gob and always knew better

    Good luck to him

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  10. He was never going to fit in. He’s far to selfish and won’t defend or help out. I’m glad he’s gone. We were saying last season that there was a problem in the dressing room and he was one of them. Thinks he better than he is.

  11. Josh had skills, of that I have no doubt. But he was a greedy player. He never passed to team-mates in better scoring positions and would greedily take the shot himself. The money we got for him will keep our options open. I don't think it's a bad move, for all concerned.

  12. Glad he's gone but as I've said before I think he will end up in the premiership, he's suited better in England. I just hope we have a sell on clause.- I'd guess he will go for more than waggy!

  13. As much as I dislike Windass and am glad Hes Gone
    …I think we should have got a little more for him 🤔

    • I agree. Every player is for sale at the right price. Like him or hate him, the value of Windass is more than we got. Look at Waghorn, £250k to £6 million in 12 months. Ipswich didn't develop him, they turned a quick profit. English values mean it is hard for us to get value when players are moving south without proving themselves down there, but the scum don't seem to have a problem.
      Compare last season performance of Windass to Armstrong. Add in Windass locked down and Armstrong final year of contract. Windass should have been worth twice what Armstrong was, not less than half!!
      We need to get better at this

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