Saturday, 4 August 2018

Gerrard praises rival SPL manager - ceasefire?

The long-toxic relationship between Rangers and Aberdeen has been softened a little by both managers’ comments on both each other and the other club.

Speaking at his Friday presser, Steven Gerrard praised McInnes for what he’s achieved with Aberdeen, and the fact he was linked to Rangers:

“He’s done a very good job. You know I think that’s the reason why he was linked with this football club not so long ago. He’s an in-demand manager. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. He’s got a good team there, an organised team, players who go on the pitch and fight for him and I think he did himself and his club proud in terms of the effort they put in against Burnley over the two legs.”

Off the back of June’s comments from McInnes:

“Gerrard is a global name so if it was to happen it can only raise the profile of the Scottish game. If he was to come into it, on the back of his playing career, it would be a box-office name. As a player Gerrard was fantastic and was arguably the best midfielder around for a while. He was an inspirational figure for England and Liverpool. We have a lot of good managers here at the minute. He would only add to that.”

We do wonder if there is now a bit of a cease fire especially after the flamethrowing Pedro and McInnes lobbed at each other.

While we don’t want the feisty nature of this fixture to mellow, a reduction in the genuine nastiness surrounding it wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing.

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