“A different kettle of fish” – what awaits Stevie Ger tomorrow?

So Rangers’ fledgling season is finally upon us and tomorrow the first match of the new campaign will see a tricky trip to Pittodrie, fresh off a close loss to a very strong Burnley side in the Europa League, while Rangers went one better in overcoming an impressive Osijek outfit.

The injuries for this match are irrelevant – some outlets decided to call Lee Wallace, Graham Dorrans, Jordan Rossiter and Declan John ‘key men’ but while we have high hopes for Rossiter on an ability level, we’ve given up hope again on him via the injury front, while Declan has only played one half of football under Gerrard so has been a non-issue to this point. And calling Wallace or Dorrans ‘key’ at this time is exaggeration to the point of falsehood.

Nevertheless, Rangers’ manager’s first SPL selection will be fascinating, and his introduction to Scottish football eye-opening.

Yes, he’s taken in the Old Firm in person, and watched the split last season, but a fresh new campaign when every opponent is looking to start the season well is a different kettle of fish.

Warburton completely drowned against Hamilton, and Pedro struggled badly at Fir Park.

One thing we’ve seen since Rangers returned to the SPL is just how physical the SPL is. Whether this is more noticeable because Rangers teams of recent years have been garbage, or because it really has got tougher and quicker in our absence is not overly clear, but either way getting in big strong players has been critical.

Coulibaly certainly fits this – while some of us on Ibrox Noise have a few doubts about how good he actually is, he’s certainly a labourer and he’ll get stuck in. And the boys at the back are colossi, no question there. Sadiq Umar (sorry for getting your name wrong this entire time mate) is absolutely flipping massive as well, while we all know Morelos’ frame is ample too. Ryan Jack is happy to dig in, and all this physicality will be badly needed.

Because while the ability levels of the SPL are hardly La Liga, it is arguably the toughest and quickest league out there. How many great players have we seen made look terrible by the sheer speed and rough and tumble of competition up here?

Gerrard must enthuse to his players just how much of a battle the SPL is going to be. They will get hurt, and there will be injuries – and it is critical that our players hold up to the challenge.

Gerrard is a winner, and he really looks like he’s imprinting that ethos on his players. But not even he can truly know what the SPL is like – Frank Lampard too underestimated the English Championship and its standard is far higher than the SPL – but it’s nowhere near as physical.

As long as our players go out there and do the exact opposite of what Pedro and his Posse did last August, it will be more convincing.

Let’s Go Rangers!


  1. Good article bar the SPL being a lesser league than the Championship. As you correctly state its a different league. Waghorn a half decent player sold for 250 k and now potentially 8 million down the road. Aberdeen made Burnley look mediocre, that's a top half of table EPL team. Wigan played off the park, Championship side with way more cash than those in the SPL. In fact when English teams come up to play how often do they get a result? Rarely, I never have understood this concept of comparing leagues in such a way. We are quicker and rougher (so fitter?) I think not. Personal bugbear this one. I think the focus needs to put on the the weird and wonderful SFA and SPFL structure. They need to stop selling our game short. I enjoyed the football by all clubs in Scotland last year where the champìonship was boring and mundane. I would love to see a UK league or cup. The league cups of both countries should be scrapped and something like this put in place. Pipe dream but who really cares about the league cup?

    • Waghorn couldn’t handle our shirt. Pressure of delivering in front of 51k fans at Ibrox. Life was less demanding at Ipswich. As for who’s better, SPL or Championship, there are more good teams in the latter by logic of sheer numbers and money. It was a mere throwaway line anyway and we’re glad you appreciated the rest of the piece too!

    • Seems Steve Clarke has the same opinion I have…just read him saying the same thing on another media outlet. We are better than we think we are.

  2. Player coat is not directly proportional to ability or value. Our friends down south often fail to grasp that. When everyone’s rich no one is rich as per the English game. Top Premiership clubs & Euro elite can only then distinguish themselves by going crazy double on transfer fees…..then it trickles down.

    When Gers are back on top of back us to beat most prem teams in a home/away tie…and by pound note comparisons we would be paupers. It’s all a load of bollocks.

    We need to match the sheep for workrate & mentality for our ability to make the difference. Fail on the first 2 and we’re in bother.

  3. Once again the league campaign is upon us … Really looking forward to making an impact this season. If we can get our No 10 situation and another Striker and Left Sided defender sorted out then I really believe we can challenge properly and physically this season. Murty was close with no where near the team we have today we just had no heart or bottle . Steven Gerrard is a winner as is Gary Mc Allister they will not take losing at all, as did Murty and the weak members of the squad last season. Yes all the usual suspects will kick the shit out us as per usual but this season will be different we will match up physically and play around the crap , beginning with a very ordinary but organise slow and lethargic Sheep Shaggers. As far as the Rotten Mob I think Brenda will sign Mc Ginn he needs to as Broon the scumbag is all but done , he will sell Demebele .I also think Brenda will do a flurry of loan signings CH, left back and another Striker . Bring it on…!!! their conceit and arrogance ( borne out of no challenge from anyone !! and manipulation of the SFA and SPFL) Will be their downfall this season ….WATP Mon the Gers No Surrender for Ever

  4. only two things that will stop us lifting 55 will be us getting kicked off park cant see that happening with our team ,secondly dodgy smelltic officials dodgy sending offs, dodgy penalties ,i can see that happening ,dont think we will be playing anything better than nk osijek this season .a,t,b famous glasgow rangers ,mr gerrard this season

  5. Here is the The Main Thing we need to think about!

    We NEED to win Tomorrow!
    …Because if we cant Beat Aberdeen then it means We definitely can't beat Celtic.

  6. Rossiter better get his arse into gear, if he plays. Am totally sick of him,now. How long is it now, he's been out, for a 'knock'??? He keeps going the way he is and he's going to get that label, 'injury-prone.' Time to start earning your keep, Jordan, or time for you to get sold. Least that's how I feel.

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