Wednesday, 29 August 2018

A bitter blow for Steven Gerrard and Rangers

Following an innocuous injury against St Mirren, fears for Lassana Coulibaly’s return have grown after Steven Gerrard admitted last night that he will likely miss the UFA and Old Firm matches, and was unable to provide any kind of ETA on the powerhouse’s restoration to the midfield.

The Malian international was coming onto a storming game when a thigh knock against the Buddies laid him out, and after only minor doubts for his presence in upcoming matches has now seen his prospects become more serious with what is fast becoming a month out following that setback on the 12th.

The on-loan Angers anchor was a major part of Rangers’ growing success under Gerrard, and we have to admit midfield hasn’t dominated in his absence in the way it previously did, and now with two absolutely massive matches coming up he will be missed even more.

Rangers’ most productive central combination was Jack, Coulibaly and Arfield and it’s only featured in one match – the domination v Aberdeen.

Since then it’s mostly been Andy Halliday, Jack and Ejaria with Arfield also not featuring regularly.

It’s a problem we could do without, and we have to hope Coulibaly (and Arfield) get restored to the midfield ASAP.


  1. This is a major blow for Sunday. Coulibaly's power and football ability cannot be replicated by any of Arfield, (who so far has failed to impress and is not a defensive midfield player), or Halliday, (who has definitely improved under Gerard but is no where near teh quality we need in this game). Hopefully he won't be out for too long since yet again we are struggling to find a quality partner for Jack in that defensive midfield area.

    1. No problem in agreeing to these comments...
      Coulibaly's selection in the team has offered a major difference in the early season fixtures, providing a thrust, and threat, rarely seen in recent times.
      I sincerely hope there is a clause written into his contract to sign him up on a long-term deal...this player is special.

  2. Phenomenal footballer covers every blade of grass would’ve been ideal to roughen up that wee Lego eating Prick Scott Brown

  3. Absolutely Gutted because He would have had Brown in His Back Pocket!

    Something like this wouldnt be too bad...

    Flanagan, Goldson, Katic, Barisic
    Jack, McCrorie
    Candeias EG/Kent/Middle
    Morelos, Laff

  4. McGregor
    Flanagan Katic Goldson Wallace
    Taviener Jack McCrorie Barasic
    Morelos Lafferty

  5. Just typical. Our most important games and the injured list, is starting to annoy me. Rossiter has been injured, more than he's played. We need to get Mr Glass, out of our club and sold. SICK, of carrying a complete, "dead weight."

  6. I wonder if this mysterious injury would have kept Greig, Butcher, Brown or Gough out of the team?

  7. Ffs never a dull moment again

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


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