Sunday, 1 July 2018

Rangers fans vote overwhelmingly over major signing target

Rangers fans have made their opinions clear with regards to the potential signing of former club captain Steven Davis.

After  Sky Sources claimed Steven Gerrard was interested in signed the player back to Govan, Ibrox Noise ran a poll to establish fan interest in the possible acquisition in the former ‘deserter’.

To suggest it was overwhelming would be an understatement.

Rangers fans, like they were for Allan McGregor, voted in their strong majority to re-sign the former Fulham man by a landslide of 71%.

Let’s be clear about how Davis exited – just like the majority of the squad he refused to remain at Ibrox in the Third Division, and just like the majority he did NOT willingly sign his deal over either.

What did occur was Southampton paid Rangers a lump sum (said to be around £800,000, half his market value at the time) to avoid a messy legal dispute with then-chairman Charles Green.

But let’s not make any allusions that Davis is more of a hero or less of a hero than anyone else. Rangers got cash for him, but not out of the goodness of Southampton’s heart.

That said time is evidently a great healer and frankly most fans appear to have forgotten the past, for better or for worse, including us.

We want our Rangers to get better, and whatever that needs we support.

And if the majority of the votes are to be believed, the fanbase thinks that includes Steven Davis.

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