Caixinha signing returns to America – future at Ibrox unclear

Caixinha signing returns to America – future at Ibrox unclear

The Eduardo Herrera situation is a strange one. The 29-year old striker has returned to Mexico with natives Chivas interested in acquiring his services, but there’s the small matter of Rangers recouping the £1.3M Pedro Caixinha is said to have wasted on his signature, while there are claims the player himself has said he has no intention of returning to Scotland.

Which makes for further intrigue in light of the small matter of his contract which doesn’t actually expire till 2020.

The former UNAM forward struggled along with the majority of Caixinha’s acquisitions to settle in Scotland, and his performances reflected this with just two domestic goals and a lightweight game which just didn’t suit the league.

So the Mexican international has returned home and is certain to be outwith Steven Gerrard’s plans for Rangers moving forward – it all depends on Chivas stumping up enough cash to sort his future out and settle it to the best interests of the player, Chivas, and of course, Rangers.

Rangers are unlikely to get seven figures back for the striker, and would reportedly settle for as small a loss as possible – equally there are claims he could be freed entirely ala mutual consent, but the difference with, for example, Niko Kranjcar, is Kranjcar was a free transfer – no loss was possible there.

Rangers aren’t exactly swilling in cash these days and cannot really afford to write off hundreds of thousands or, in the case of mutual consent, £1.3M.

Herrera’s future is 99% away from Rangers, but it’s getting the t’s scored and the i’s dotted correctly that defines the nature of his departure.

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  1. Getting him off wage bill is first priority. Getting some money for him is a bonus. First step shouldn’t be difficult. But sort quickly.

  2. I think he's on 15k a week, multiply that over 2 seasons, i wouldnt worry about a transfer fee if you can save 1.5m in wages for someone sitting on the bench.

    • Agree with you just get the big wages off the books,we do not want dead wood taking 1 or 2 million a year for the next two years i think its better to let them go if not we could still have some taking wages and doing nothing

  3. Good luck to U big fellow UR a big gentleman, just not suited to our game.
    All the best for the future whether it be at Chivas or wherever🍺🍺

  4. I heard he is on around 25k a week. If that's the case who is going to offer him a similar wage. I think that will be the problem, same with Pena.
    I think he will be a bench warmer for the next 2 seasons.
    Maybe Stevie G can improve him

  5. Paul Daniels couldn't have improved him. He's a dud. Get rid and recoup some money and save on the wage bill.

  6. I reckon we should get about £750k for Him 👌

    Shame it never worked out for him cause ive got a soft spot for Him & Cardoso

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