What’s the problem with Jason Cummings?


When Rangers’ announced the official XI yesterday afternoon, the response was pretty much unanimous disbelief. So much about the selection was bewildering, but the one which stuck out for most fans was the selection of Kenny Miller in the three ahead of the perennially-benched Jason Cummings.

The idea that if Cummings couldn’t get in ahead of a 38-year old against Dundee, he might as well give up.

The reaction really was ‘why on earth is Cummings not getting a start?’ and ‘why the hell is Miller ahead of him?’.

And truthfully, despite his admittedly decent strike to make it 1-0, Miller was pretty poor otherwise, missing an open goal as well as failing to link midfield to attack with much effectiveness at all.

It is becoming clearer and clearer Graeme Murty doesn’t want or rate Cummings. Despite the striker impressing when he plays and scoring some stunning goals, he just isn’t in favour under this manager, and likely never will be.

When Josh Windass got injured, assumption was that McCrorie or Goss would sit alongside Docherty and Dorrans would shift forward to take Windass’ vacated slot.

Instead, he stayed where he was, Miller started, and Cummings sat idly on the bench, not even being brought on this time.

Cummings must be wondering why he’s moved to Ibrox. He was ‘buzzing’ at the move and shows the heart of a lion as well as neat footwork, technical skill and the most clinical strike at the club, but as long as Murty is manager he will not be a favoured choice and will continue to take up space on the bench.

It’s a shame, because we know what he can do, and how good a player he is when deployed properly – but the reality is under this manager Cummings is an outcast who will only get occasional cameos.

Murty can feel justified in that given yesterday’s result, but the score flattered the home side who were mostly outplayed by Neil McCann’s men. And that was the last ‘easy’ match of this season.

Any fans who hope for Cummings to get a chance under Murty can more or less forget it. We have.


  1. The Cummings situation is a joke. As soon as he signed we should have been playing 2 upfront every game to develop a good understanding and good partnership with Morelos. Instead we have sat him on the bench and barely used him. We continued with windass because he was scoring against teams like fraserburgh and ayr! We can forget signing Cummings on a permanent contract and I guarantee he comes back to haunt us! Thanks murty!!

    • Agreed Stevie!
      Cummings Should have been No.1 from the Get Go especially with how Pish Morelos has been over the last few months.

      The boy woukd run thru a brick wall for Rangers! …everytime he plays he scores

      Its a Shambles! 👎💙

    • Not a very good point mentioning teams that he's been scoring against then. Should have come from a different angle maybe, because he's scored against better teams than Cummings.

  2. Murty's strange decision to play Dorrans as a defensive midfield player is even more baffling than his decision to play Miller! Dorrans in that position messes up the entire structure of the team and indeed in the past two games his inclusion in that position has adversely affected Docherty's game! The manager is quickly becoming a liability and if King and Co have any ambition for this club they will be appointing a manager with a proven track record and Murty can go back to looking after the youth team.

  3. I don't know what he has done. Maybe he was caught pissing in the soup. But whatever it was, Miller is rated second choice behind Windass for that jersey. Which beggars belief.

    Ahead of Dorrans who should be fighting for it and Cummings who could play up front in a 4-1-3-2 against weak teams and up front or in the hole in a 4-2-3-1 against stronger teams. Do we really feel we need 2 CDMs against the weaker teams? If so, we need to replace our Centre Backs. Mind you, I think we all acknowledge that we do in fact need to do that. Our best CBs have been those who have not played, McCrorie since injured and Bates since injured.
    I know Bates is no Beckenbauer, but he did his job and has looked better every week that we have played Martin and Alves

  4. Jason is a top player but needs an attacking formation to shine. Murty's formation's do not have an aggressive and winning style. They are totally disjointed with little cohesion and too easily broken down. His way of playing constantly leaves his own players playing out of their best positions and under pressure like others around them.
    Rodgers creamed him when playing with 10 men in the last game. Unless Rangers take the game to them next weekend they will lose with both hands tied behind their backs.
    So many changes to make in such a short time.
    We need to win the fight and will not do so in a defensive wall with players playing out of their best positions.
    Too much is being asked of Morelos. He simply can't do it all, no matter how he tries.
    The team's formations are killing us.

  5. Yes, Cummings should be well in front of Miller, was most unimpressed by that. Murty is Warbutons double. Plan A, and if that doesn't work,, we will go for Plan A again!!Useless!!

  6. I see no other reason to play Miller ahead of Cummings other than Murty is planning to play him in the old firm game, if this happens it will be a huge mistake.
    Dorrans being played out of position as well as Miller being favored ahead of a far better player to me screams of Warbuton.

    • Agree that Miller was brought back for the semi-final and will likely play. Unless Murty sees sense and plays Dorrans there. It certainly won't be Cummings because he just doesn't fit into Murtys preferred formation. I don't think Cummings can play up top on his own or as one of the 3 in attacking midfield. His only chance is in a 4-4-2 and I don't see that happening. And I'm not convinced it would be right for this game.

  7. If we play 4231 then Cummings should be playing up top amd Morelos in the middle of the 3 behind him. Bring Miller on after 75 mins or something changes to run at the defence.

  8. IN you are guilty of being a little rose-tinted in your assessment of Cummings (a playerI like and who I hope Rangers do sign in the summer). In truth he hasn’t impressed when asked to play the lone striker role. Cummings is a penalty box striker. He can’t play the number 10 role and he needs to be part of a two upfront – simple as that. He doesn’t fit in Murty’s preferred formation. With Windass injured it has to be either Dorrans or Miller playing behind Morelos. I think it’s time we dropped the negativity towards Miller on here. It’s not his fault that he’s 38 and still a first team pick. He’s scored some important goals for us over the years, and had he not placed the first goal beautifully on Saturday to get our noses in front when he did then we might be in a worse position this morning. I think he will play on Sunday and if he grabs the goal that sends us through plus kicks Scott Brown into the bargain then all will surely be forgiven.

    • Agree. We often treat our older players badly ignoring the contribution they have made. Lee Wallace is another who deserves better.

  9. Murty is just a fucking joke, cant wait for this clown like l did with Ped the caravan man to vacate the hotseat, I would have him paired with Miller and bench Morelos every game, granted Miller is a headless chicken but he gives 1000% every game and is hungry, a blind man can see that Murty is fucking useless

  10. Murty is a Joke!
    Time to get a Proper Boss!

    To do list :
    1. Sell the Deadwood (MOH, Dodoo, Pena)
    2. Buy Cummings
    3. Play the players in their effin positions!!

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