Ipswich fans want to sign another leading Rangers star…


Josh Windass has had a very interesting campaign to say the least. After struggling under Pedro and Warburton before him, the forward hit huge form earlier this year and topped it off with a stellar goal against Celtic.

Unfortunately it has tailed off a touch for the ex-Accrington man and fans seem to be again divided over his contribution.

This hasn’t stopped Ipswich Town supporters monitoring him and advocating a summer move for the 24-year old attacker, despite his signing a new deal recently.

Ipswich lie a middling 12th in the Championship, having already secured Joe Garner and Martyn Waghorn, and their supporters appear interested in taking another Rangers man in the form of the controversial Rangers star.

It does seem Windass will never be universally liked at Ibrox, regardless of what he does, but would Rangers be willing to sell for the right price this summer?

They said:

“With the outgoing ‘deadwood’. the real areas that need strengthening are CB, RB and Left Wing. For the left wing role – the two that stand out so far are Josh Windass (Rangers FC) and Barrie McKay (Notts Forest). Both young so investment in them now could reap great rewards in the future which is why I think Evans could be pursuaded in purchasing. (Like Ward, Webster, Waghorn & Garner).”

With manager Graeme Murty’s own future heavily in doubt, Windass might see his future elsewhere if he were to lose favour via a manager who doesn’t rate him like Murty does. And his value is certainly higher under the new deal.

It is only ‘talk of the terrace’ but clearly Windass is being monitored by others and it’s one to watch.


  1. I dont get this shit with folk not liking Windass he's young, improving each year and has great potential. We're not going to be in the position to buy quality players at their peak anytime soon. Unless we start to back our young players and give them a chance to develop they will start to look elsewhere. I was amazed Windass signed a new contract. On a side note Macgregor is a free in the summer we could do with sounding him out for a return

  2. Well they shouldn't get him on the cheap as they did with their last two acquisitions from us. Windass will be interesting a number of clubs and his fee should be upwards of £2m

    • Sorry Tom, but £2 million for Windass is not "on the cheap", its daylight robbery. This is someone with a sizeable number of both goals and assists. Not in the Championship like Waghorn, but in the Premiership. Ask yourself, what would it cost us to find a replacement? I suspect we would really struggle to replace Windass for £2 million.

      I think he is still a work in progress, not perfect but improving. I think he will be better in 2 years and will go for well north of £5 million at that point to someone who really needs him. That is when we sell, not when Ipswich decide to rip us off. If people feel he is not worth £5 million now, then we keep him until he is.

      We have to get used to not being able to go and buy Gascoines and Laudrups. Our future is in buying young and cheap, improving them, then selling when the price gets high enough. Reinvest the money in more of the same. We won't get it right every time, so we need to get a full price when we do.

      Eventually, people come to know they will get quality from us, but will pay a decent price for it. And young players will want to come here to progress, then move on at a profit for us. Look at Morelos, we will make good money off him, so let's enjoy him while he is here

  3. A luxuey player we can't afford until we have a settled and solid team around him. Reminds me of Buffel in that regard.

    Don't see him as an bench/impact player, seems to need a lot of time on the pitch to hit a run of form.

    Given his new contract, maybe loaning him to Championship club or Hearts/Hibs/Aberdeen for a season and see how Dorrans goes in that position behind the striker.

    Would still rather see us play two up front anyway. A poacher in the Boys/Dodds mould and Morelos/Cummings next to him.

  4. In a better rangers team he could be an amazing player but we aren't good enough to carry him in the hope he produçes. Id accept a decent offer but màke sure we have a healthy sell on clause because he will end up in the premiership.

  5. Don't like the thought of our better players leaving but if we get a decent price then time to move him on. As for playing 2 up top Steven I was saying to someone today maybe continue with the 4231 formation but start Alfredo in the middle of the 3 with Jason in front of him as loan striker role, Alfredo is often in our half to collect the ball or running about the pitch looking for the ball, if Jason was up in front of him at least he would have a ready made out ball to play on, what do the rest of you guys think?

    • Interesting idea and maybe worth a try, but Morelos works very hard and very physically to occupy two centre backs. Could, would Cummings do that?

  6. RB i would prefer Dorrans in the middle but Morelos in there could be worth a shot. Id be happy with murty showing any kind of variation so we are not so predictable every week.

  7. It would be barmy to sell him at the moment unless the price is right – £2m would be about right, bearing in mind the standard at which he's playing. Ipswich got two absolute steals in Garner and Waghorn and I wouldn't really like to see the same again. However, I'd be more concerned if GM was interesting them as a replacement for McCarthy.

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