Ex-Argentina international targets Rangers striker

Ex-Argentina international targets Rangers striker

In many ways we feel sorry for Eduardo Herrera – the Mexican has had a thoroughly average career, and for anyone to still think he was good enough for Rangers shows misguidedness beyond compare, but as such the poor guy has had a level of expectation placed on his head he simply was not capable of living up to.

We must say, the guy has 9 caps for his country and three goals for good measure, which isn’t half bad, while managing roughly one in three at UNAM in 150 appearances. On paper that is alright.

But there is always the difficulty integrating a player from a completely different culture into your own, and that is the part Herrera was unable to handle at Ibrox.

Countryman Carlos Pena showed occasional glimpses of his undoubted technical quality but he simply did not fit in, just like Portuguese Dalcio and, to an extent, Fabio Cardoso.

Alfredo Morelos has done much better but he had over a year in a very similar country to Scotland as experience to build on in Finland, which helped him enormously. And Bruno Alves has experience from all over the world, so Britain was no trouble for him – helped by his pretty impeccable English.

There is no coincidence the overseas signings by Caixinha that actually lasted were Alves and Morelos, as the two with the most relevant experience of a culture and difficulty that could set them up for the SPL.

And so we come back to Herrera – the most used substitute in the SPL, and it looks like he will be off to former Argentian midfielder Matías Almeyda’s Mexican outfit Guadalajara (or Chivas, as they’re better known) on a free rather than Rangers bothering to wait till the summer and sell him. Depending on what source you read.

But then, we are pretty sure one or two of these sources claimed Portuguese side Estoril were taking Fabio Cardoso back to Portugal in January so a pinch of salt may be required before swallowing any one claim over his future.

One thing is for sure, we hold no grudge against the guy – he carried himself well, but just didn’t fit in at Ibrox. He didn’t hide, he didn’t shirk – but he just wasn’t good enough, and he was a signing which massively flopped.

Good luck to him wherever he goes.

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  1. Got a Soft Spot for Herrera
    Will be sad to see him go.
    Kept his chin up and never complained.

    Good Luck to Him though 👏⚽💙

  2. His back heel goal is one of the most under-rated goals of the season. Like most strikers, he needed a run of games. Unfortunately he's the type of striker that needs a partner and can't play on his own and we don't tend to play that way. Would be nice to see him play a few games with Cummings as I think they'd compliment each other but not gonna happen…

    Good luck big chap.

  3. I think it was miller who scored a goal and Herrera was behind the goal celebrating with the team as if he had scored. The poor guy hasn't had a chance but yet there he is supporting the team. I thought that was a bit of class. Wish him well

  4. Was gutted when I saw the height and physicality of the lad. I thought, here we go another Hately or Prso,, but unfortunately he was no where near it. He can't jump, he can't header and he is such a wimp and easily pushed off the ball!
    He is picking up a big wage and needs to go.
    Yes, he does appear to be a nice lad, and wish him well,,, away from Rangers!

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