Three player blow for Rangers


Any other time and this would be a major headache for Rangers manager Graeme Murty, but thanks to the current form of his side, the loss of three key players in the same position is something the boss can genuinely deal with.

Following continual setbacks for Ross McCrorie and Jordan Rossiter, Murty has further admitted Ryan Jack is pretty much out for the season with the 25-year old sustaining a knee injury following Cedric Kipre’s assault at Fir Park some months ago and suffering yet more problems in recuperation.

As such Rangers can probably write off three defensive midfielders for the foreseeable future, but the truth is while we wish all these gentlemen well and speedy recoveries, their absences have not been felt at all as Sean Goss and Greg Docherty with Jason Holt as backup have covered them more than sufficiently.

In fact, arguably Rangers’ central midfield is performing better now than it has at any time for years, with Goss weaving his magic in the middle while Docherty rolls his sleeves up next to him.

So disappointing though it obviously is to lose three players for one position, Rangers are covered and frankly none of the three would get back in with the way the side is currently performing in that area of the pitch.


  1. The assault on Ryan Jack was at Ibrox not Fir Park. When you see the disgraceful way Jack was victimised by referees this season the fact that Kipre received no card was shocking. In under a minute Kipre put is boot into a Rangers players face and did get booked. A few days later Murty said Kipres challenge on Jack was OK!!

    • Your assessment on Jack is accurate, he was dismissed twice with both red cards rescinded, he was foolish to receive two yellow cards getting sent off, but his 3rd sending off was seen by some professionals as fair but others harsh.
      Kipre was the main Motherwell player who constantly fouled throughout the League cup semi final committing violent assaults on Rangers players and did the damage to Jack as you pointed out at Ibrox.
      As for Murtys comment after, maybe he didn’t get a good look at the incident or was just being nice and polite about it, but maybe as much as I hate Popcorn Teeth at Hibs, he has come out shouting about Clancy personally as a referee and wasn’t it him who ended up having the referees go on strike? Due to his outbursts about unfavourable decisions against his team.
      I think Rangers football club start to issue statements whether in general accusations about poor standards or do what the Hibs manager has done and name the poor performances by officials in our games.
      Beaton v Hibs sending Jack off, when it should have been Stokes, he shouldn’t have got to the incident where he and Jack clashed as he kicked Tavernier off the ball in 90 seconds right in front of me as I sit in the Sandy Jardine front and Collum saw it as he was lookin directly at it and did nothing.
      McLean v Kilmarnock Jack off when Broadfoot kicked Jack on the shin.
      Collum for being at almost as many Rangers games this season as I have and I have a season ticket at Ibrox. He goes through the game letting teams gain little advantages, 50/50’s always to opponents, very quick penalty decisions, allows time wasting and the earliest opportunity to produce yellow cards to our team. I watch him like a hawk and if you ever had omeone analyse him during our games you would see what I mean.
      One final point about referees consistancy; a few seasons ago Halliday was sent off for a clenched fist salute in the middle of the park addresses to all our fans on scoring a goal, but it was deemed by the referee to be an inflammatory gesture liable to incite crowd trouble. Need I say more on the behaviour of Hibs players in particular gesturing to Rangers fans?
      Hypocrisy is how I see refereeing in Scottish game aligned with incompitancy at all levels within the refereeing authorities governed by the SFA.

  2. Your comments are pretty much spot on.

    For my money only Ross McCrorrie is a loss

    Also well done for recognizing Jason Holt.

    He unlike Jack and more so Rossitter is a dynamo in not getting a wee hurty every ti.e he moves

    Jack's tackle by Kipre was unprofessional and unpunished

    Also like to say JOHN BEATON IS A FU…G DISGRACE

  3. I know it's off topic.
    I said at the time please do not sign DM he's not the man and also said I would rather Murty got it than him.
    Well after watching his tactical cluster fuk, we never dodged a bullet we dodged a ICBM.
    Also after watching the BOTH of them please tell me why we are not top of the league?? There nowhere near as good as they thing and the sheep are just pish.
    Honestly after Saturday and that mugumba today I honestly can't wait to get the soap dodgers at Ibrox!!
    Long time since I said that my fellowship bears *

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