Friday, 12 January 2018

Summer signing denies departure rumours

Rangers’ Eduardo Herrera has stated he has no interest in leaving Rangers, contrary to reports otherwise.

The 29-year old striker has struggled for starts at Ibrox, but has today claimed he is happy in Scotland and has no desire to return home ala Carlos Pena.

The former Laguna man said:

"One of my dreams was to play in Europe and I'm living it, but for now I do not think about it (going back to Liga MX). I signed for three years with Rangers and I've still got two and a half years to go."

There had been strong reports he was looking for an out, but Herrera, despite his lack of playing time, seems to be content with life in Govan and is not seeking a move away.

He went on:

"I've had to deal with a lot of changes; the city, the style of football, the weather, there have been a lot of changes and adaptation. Now in this second half of the season it is important to keep looking for more minutes in the team, it is one of my main objectives."

He certainly does not sound like someone ready to throw in the towel, and his comments on the fans affirm this:

"The fans are impressive, the best I've seen, it's a passion that overflows for the team and one that as a player I appreciate and hope to honour."

If Herrera is looking for a ticket out, he is giving some odd signs about it.


  1. He got his face smashed in by Motherwell and 3 days later was available for Old Firm. Respect.

  2. So it looks like nobody will take him!

  3. When I first saw Herrera, the height, the build and I thought, yes, Hateley or Prso double here. How wrong was I. For a big fella he gets out jumped and out muscled by players smaller than him and I find that disappointing. He runs as if one leg is bigger than the other, very awkward and slow. He has the touch of an elephant when receiving the ball. Just a very awkward looking ineffective player, albeit it was a good lay off for windass earlier this morning.
    Now, that said, I think our Jimmy Nicoll will be a big influence on this lad (and other players of course) and will tell him exactly what he should be doing with his height and build.
    I've seen players transform under new management before, I hope this lad is one of them.

  4. He could come good. I’m sure it’s been hard coming to a country where no one speaks his lanuage(and he didn’t speak much English) and then trying to play football with the guys. It def would have made communication on the pitch harder, Time for novo to slow down and just come to the games as a translator for us 😂

  5. Of course he's happy to stay. Like Pena, he will be on around £20k a week - something he could only dream about, back in Mexico. Personally, and I've been a Gers fan for 60 years, he is the worse striker I can remember in a light blue jersey. Yes, I can remember Capucho, Sebo, Jeffers, Martin Henderson, Bo Anderson etc etc. Herrera, by far, is worse than any that have went before.

  6. Send him off to play with the kids and train on his own to help him focus on the need to leave Ibrox. An absolute dud of a forward, and a waste of an astonishing 20K a week. No wonder he's not in a hurry to leave!

  7. Give the guy a chance, anyone who has been to mexico knows how different life is there.

    1. Agree, there's been many a player who have been shocking in their 1st season then came good.

  8. Hope he comes good and we keep hold a wee bit longer as got a soft spot for Him and Cardoso
    ...hopefully a word in his ear from nicholl and a run of games will help. 🤗👍

  9. I can't see where your optimism lies. He can't run. He can't jump. He's not physical. His touch is poor. His scoring record is abysmal. We looked absolutely toothless in first half against Corinthians. I genuinely would love him to prove me wrong (like Mark Hateley did) but I just don't see any attributes that will turn things around.

  10. He’s pish! No matter. Sorry!


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