Rangers close to pre-contract for EPL striker

Rangers close to pre-contract for EPL striker

Rangers are close to a deal for West Brom’s Tyler Roberts, according to reports.

The English striker, 19, has spent the past two seasons on loan at Oxford United and Walsall among others, and Rangers’ bosses are said to be seeking a pre-contract for the youngster to grab him at the end of the season permanently when his current deal expires.

Hot on the heels of interest in Devante Cole and the near-confirmed capture of Nottingham Forest’s Jason Cummings, Rangers are making serious strides to rebuild the mess Pedro Caixinha left following his sacking, with what appears to be a great number of shrewd acquisitions and impressive names coming into Govan, and Roberts would likely be one for the future.

Declan John (permanent), Sean Goss (loan) and Jamie Murphy (loan) are already confirmed with both Cummings and Norwich’s Russell Martin to be confirmed over the next 24 hours as well.

Meanwhile Rangers’ bid for Jordan Jones, said to be somewhere between £350,000 and £500k depending who you believe, has been rejected with Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke falling over himself in outrage over the sum apparently being far too low.

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  1. Kilmarnock have a cheak. 350-500k is far more than they would ever dream of paying for a player, though I don’t want more young strikers. WE need to give hardie a chance before we lose him

    • Stuart.
      Hardies gone pal they don't rate him, if they did he would have had a contact extension same time as the McCorie brothers.

    • We can hear the banter in the tavern laughing at Killie boss 250.000
      300.000 not enough your whole team isn't far off that either open your eyes mate nse

  2. Honestly would be absolutely buzzing if we got him, he's not the finished article but he looks like he's got it all, never mind the future, not saying start but 1st team squad and introduce him gradually.
    Top man Mark if U can get this over the line!!
    Keep them coming》》》》》》》♡

  3. Delighted with Gossy, Murphy and John
    And although I dint rate him im excited by the prospect of Morelos working alongside Cummings and us bringing in Roberts & Cole

    Top Drawer Stuff from Mark Allan! 👍


  4. Kilmarnock value him at £1million. I take it they’re paying him wages commensurate with their valuation.
    Jog on Clarke 👍

    • Would be delighted in Gets abandon this one. Don't rate him! And paying anything over £500k would be a rip off. Can guarantee NO-ONE will pay anything like £1M for him!

  5. ive said this time and time again we are being Riped off by other Scotish clubs every time we enquire about a player their prepared to listen and as soon as we make an offer they are quick to reject us saying our offer was below their valuation is it any wonder clubs struggle Financialy .When clubs over value players a players valuation should be what a club is prepared to pay for a player not what their club is able to screw the other club out off when a player is comming out of contract the value of that player should drop not increase as kilmarnock have said jones is only what a other club is prepared to pay look what happened with hearts and walker and look where he has ended up at wigan for a fraction of what they asked us for him so we should stick to our guns and only offer what a players worth and if that means missing out so be it we should not be held to ransom by other greedy clubs looking to make a quick buck because of our past owners who broke us and these clubs punished us further by sending us to the forth division and ever since our return continue to punish us by charging us over the odds for transfere targets .

  6. Agree with Scott. I hope Jordan Jones' agent is banging on Clarke's door tomorrow asking for a pay packet commensurate with his price tag. It's about time we stood our ground and sent out a message to other clubs that we are fed up being ripped off. Scottish football has lived off of us for far too long the bunch of ungrateful bastards!!!

  7. To be honest am not surprised by Clarke's comments regarding jones valuation,in a way he's looking after the best interest of the club but also keeping Killie fans on his side as well, but that doesn't mean I agree with him and I would leave it that and move on to the next player/players on our list.

    This is all to do with Clarke and not the club itself,we have to remember that as far as I'm aware Killie were one of the few clubs that didn't want us demoted to the lower leagues and that we have always had a good relationship with.
    watp helicopter 2005 ������������

  8. let them do what all other clubs do when rangers dont pay the overpriced fee they will sell him down south for 200.000 at best the player should be disgusted anyway move on to better players just a shame when clubs hear of rangers interest they double the price good on us we are the people 😠💰💰💰💰💰👎👎👎

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