Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Is Rangers stalwart next in line for a new deal?

With the recent news David Bates is set to earn himself a well deserved significant contract extension following some stellar displays the past month and confirmed extensions for both of the McCrorie brothers, one of the comments on the site made a very valid observation;

With Danny Wilson’s deal also only having five months to run, why on earth has the 26-year old stopper not similarly been offered a new contract?

David Bates, signed last winter for 18 months, will see his current contract expire this June, and Rangers bosses have been quick to offer the consistently-improving young defender a new deal – and yet Danny Wilson, who has been one of the side’s most solid players since Murty took charge late last year, appears not to have been offered a thing?

We find this a little odd and hope it is a case of nothing having materialised yet – it appears both Bruno Alves and Fabio Cardoso will leave this month, and Alves certainly will not be available for selection any time soon, leaving Rangers’ options currently as Wilson with those five months left, Bates with his extension, technically McCrorie with his, and incoming utility man Sean Goss.

So it seems prudent to tie Wilson down to an extension – but as yet, nothing is forthcoming.

He is one to hold onto – he is our most experienced CB (Alves notwithstanding) and has courted much more respect in recent months. He probably will never be our most popular player but he has shown excellent form of late – with his deal expiring soon he deserves a new one as much as anyone.

Let us hope he gets it.

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  1. I made this very point, in relation to another article, a couple of hours ago. Bottom line, Wilson deserves a contract extension! Over the season to date, and by some way, he has been our best central defender. When we returned to the SPL, last year, Wilson never had anything like a sustained run in the team - purely down to injuries and some dodgy team selections by the Bread Man. Now he is getting a chance to establish himself (as the main man in our defence - with all the responsibility that brings) we are seeing Danny live up to the potential be was touted for, all these years ago. Deal him in, for God's sake Rangers. Otherwise you risk a cheeky wee approach from Aberdeen and Hearts for his services. In both cases, he would one of the first names on the team sheet. In a more general point, I fear Rangers are playing a dangerous game - if the signing of Goss is anything to go by. Yes (and despite average attendances of over 49,000 at Ibrox) we are skint. However, I fear the philosophy of this Board is that they are extremely confident that we can secure 2nd place without making any significant signings. The return of Halladay, O'Halloran etc also suggests this. They may, of course, be right. Aberdeen are no great shakes. But, truly, are any of us fans really super confidant that we will beat Aberdeen and Hibs, handsomely, into second place? And, at the same time, get nearer to reducing Celtic's lead at the top? I'm not! If we sign Murphy and Martin (who would help me become less anxious about cover for the right back position (as well as centre half) then I will owe the Board an apology. But this Board never does the 'obvious' - e.g. signing Moult immediately springs to mind. So, and I so hope I'm wrong here, look out for more loan deals with players from the lower reaches of the Championship - with very little first team playing time and, frankly, unwanted by their current club. Here ends the Rev I.M Jolly.

  2. Defo for his influence on McCrorie & Bates and performances of late...Davie Boy agree with some of your stuff but don’t forget Bates can also play at RB as he played there for Raith... Young Beermans contract is up soon too.. Murty might think he’s to lightweight and is going to let him go... I mean he’s not had a sniff since Pedro got binned yeh. Hence why he’s got Goss as he can play 3 posistions and that’s as rare as hobb horse shite...

  3. No, Wilson is an average mediocre player who is very slow on the turn and is mostly out challenged when heading a ball. He is not Rangers class and is not the type of player when we need to win the league.
    If you want to continue coming second or third in the league every season, then by all means, keep signing players like Wilson. I for one, want us to win the league and challenge in europe, that's what Rangers should be doing, call me old fashioned!!!

  4. I am unable to see where you are coming from, sounds like someone who goes to football but does not watch the game

  5. For sure Wilson should get an extension. What he needs beside him is an out and out centre who can do the heading and Wilson is the sweeper. Alves is not the answer. Young Bates has a lot of promise. Not sure on this signing from QPR, but it may be leading to players leaving. Just read that Pena may be heading back to Mexico on loan. Just get some support to Alfredo and we can turn it up.


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