Boyd and Clarke left humiliated over Jordan Jones


Kilmarnock’s Steve Clarke and Kris Boyd were left humiliated last night following an independent assessment of winger Jordan Jones by Ayr United chief Ian McCall.

After their ridiculous hoo hah over the bid Rangers made for the Northern Irish one-time cap, Ayr’s McCall called both of them out by adjudging the attacker to barely be worth half of what Rangers bid for him.

It made a refreshing change for someone’s voice to be heard in the media which defends Rangers and makes a stance against the festering hate which keeps coming our way.

Sure, McCall played for Rangers in the 80s, but then, Boyd played for us twice and had far more poisonous comments to make about his former club, and other ex players have said similar. So this is not some h*n conspiracy.

McCall said:

“I think they were well off the mark – I’d pay £150,000 for him. He can run, he’s got pace. I’ve seen him in one game against us. He was their main threat, but he didn’t really do anything – there was no end product. He’s got pace, he plays out wide. But, for me, paying £350,000 is a lot in Scottish football.”

Quite honestly, if Kilmarnock wanted hands off Jones, for us they have succeeded. They have made the whole affair toxic, and it would be surprising if Rangers pursued their interest such is the aggro it is causing.

We feel a bit for Jones – he is obviously a half decent player, and he had a chance to get a move to a much bigger club, but the way it has played out, it seems unlikely.


  1. Well said Ian McCall. Legend. Brilliant stuff. Clamped they two diddies 😂👍

    Let’s see if the Dhims bid the£1.5m asking fee for Dungdees Jack Hendry. Clearly they won’t offer anywhere near it. And no need to guess they won’t get any negative press for a “derisory offer”

  2. Boyd needs to shut his mouth. He's acting way above his station. When do you ever hear a player coming out talking about bids on a team mate? And "we have took a call from rangers?" Your a player, not the manager, chairman or owner! Wind yer neck and ever growing head in!! Muppet!

  3. McCall was 100% correct. Ok, as the manager of Ayr United (Killie's sworn enemies) he was maybe 'at it', a wee bit. But he's right in saying Jones is nowhere near a £1m player. He'll get his just deserts by ending up at Bradford, Swindon or the like for £200k. Personally, I don't rate him. And I was a bit concerned that we were going back to the 70s and 80s where if you played one good game, against us,you were signed the following week. Yes, he tormented Tav a few weeks ago but has he done anything else, this or any other season? McCall answered that: emphatically!

  4. Well said Mc Call he is a lad with potential that is all….. if he was 1 Mill player the other teams would be all over him …This Rangers disrespect has to stop …We should forget about trying to do anymore deals in Scotland at all they don't deserve our money This would hurt them much more than trying to trade with these people. Walker and Allan should have been the catalyst …I see Aberdeen are trying to make a buck on Kenny Mc lean another lad that is desperate to get to Ibrox !!!! Twats

    • True That Mate! 😁
      Only Worth like £350k max and like Davie Boy says in the prev comment he will end up playing for some pish team in England
      (I.e Swindon, Wycombe etc)

      But tbh id be glad if we didnt sign him as he hasnt exactly set the heather on fire 👎

  5. cat wait for rangers to get back on their feet an show all the other teams just who we r fed up others slagging us of go on the gers

  6. YASSS! Finally!
    Ian McCall You Legend!
    #TeamMcCall #WeLoveIanAtAyr
    There You Go Clarkey!
    Stick your £1mill up your cheer ya ignorant Fud!

    Your a Asshat who needs to Shut Their Mouth
    Dont Ever Come Near Ibrox Again!


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