Rangers linked to Celtic and Forest SPL target


According to ‘Football Whispers’ Hibernian’s John McGinn continues to be linked with an unlikely switch to Rangers, with the ‘whisper’ rating not too far behind that of confirmed target Jamie Walker.

The midfielder, who has four appearances for Scotland under his belt, has been a mainstay of Hibernian’s first team for some considerable time now, and has been a consistent and impressive performer for the Edinburgh side down in the Championship and now in the SPL.

With his grandfather being Jack McGinn, and his obvious ties to Celtic, this is another link, like Lewis Morgan, which does not seem overly likely, but with the old ‘likelihood to play in the first team’ question being a significant one for any SPL player considering a switch to Parkhead, it does enhance Rangers’ case a touch.

The 22 year old playmaker was chosen ahead of Rangers’ Jason Holt back in their Championship season when it came to the national team, but it has to be said the former’s fortunes since then have probably exceeded the latter, and the ex-St Mirren man would be likely to enhance Rangers’ first team.

Mark Warburton’s Nottingham Forest also had a bid last summer rejected, so Rangers would be far from alone with Celtic in interest in the player.

But it really does seem a bit of a stretch and we would be surprised if this story came true.


  1. Don't see us spending the money Hibs will want for him, even before the added extras because its Rangers

  2. Malones isn't a Rangers pub obviously but they are on a Paddy power wind up , shit and piss in there for free forever , shit in there , uses their paper ,

  3. Hibs do sell to Rangers, it was just the Championship season where promotion meant so much that to them they dug the heels in (and Stubbs enjoyed it) – if I was in their shoes I wouldn't have sold to Rangers either. But now they've been promoted and a Top 6 place is their objective and they are pretty comfortable in delivering that, they will sell if the money is right.

    I was screaming for us to pay £3m for him instead of Pena as I think McGinn is the best young player in Scotland. Dare I say it, he reminds me of Scott Brown but with a better temperament.

    He will be a top player for someone and I would push the boat out to bring him to Ibrox.

    • I think you are wrong there BT, we all have our opinions, one I do agree with is he will be a top player and unlike others who have commented on here I would also pay the money.
      Where we might disagree is firstly; there has been no change in the Hibs board, who backed Stubbs with a no sale policy to Rangers, secondly; I doubt for a minute that Lennon would be happy to let McGinn be sold to Rangers, thirdly; with the McGinn family steeped in Celtic tradition, the player himself would rule out ever signing for Rangers, fourth reason; religion, no need for further explanation here and reason five; this might just be the most significant, with Scott Brown now in early 30’s they would want a direct style of replacement, McGinn fits this bill in spades, he has the capability to do what Brown does and is a far better footballer as well.
      I can foresee McGinn moving to Parkhead, Scott Allen moving back to Hibs along with a fee to do the deal.

    • Agree with most of what your saying here Alan. However players with a Celtic family connection have crossed the divide before and will do again.

      Yes, Lennon would prefer not to sell to Rangers but if they are the only club paying the money and the board accept the offer and the player wants to come then it's out of Lennon's hands.

      I agree, if Celtic want him and get close to the money we offer they would much prefer to sell to them and McGinn himself might prefer it so the game could well be a bogey but I'd push the boat out and see if we can get him, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    • Thanks for your response BT, it I sent really pleasant to discuss Rangers matters here without howling abuse at fellow fans.
      Hope all other fans in here respond in future with dignity and decorum.

  4. As a Hibs supporter id be gutted to see John heading to Celtic but given his connection with them it won't be a surprise. If Scott Brown was worth £4.2m then surely Celtic will have to pay more for Mcginn? He's a far better player and prospect than Brown was when he left Hibs. I don't trust Lennon to act in Hibs best interests in any Celtic/Mcginn deal but Petrie should make sure we get a good return for a very talented player. That's the main reason I don't expect to see him at Rangers. There again Cummings joins Forrest for a pathetic fee so who knows what's going on behind the scenes. Finally if John and Jason are as close as we all hear then he will more likely end up in England. Not for £1m I hope as that would really sicken Hibs fans after the Cummings shocker of a fee.

  5. hes never going to sign for yous ,, NEVER ,,I don't know john mcginn personaly but I do know his family ,, not going to happen so stop dreaming ,,

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