Team for Tuesday: Pedro drops big hint about starting XI


Pedro Caixinha has tonight more or less confirmed it will be the same again for the repeat visit to Firhill next week, following last night’s dropping of point at Alan Archibald’s place.

With a Betfred Quarter Final tie against the same men coming up, some fans would have proposed a few changes for the next encounter, with both rotation of squad and form in mind, but the manager has strongly hinted the same XI will take the field again should captain Lee Wallace be passed fit.

He said:

“I am not the type of coach who looks to make changes just for the sake of it. If we have the need to make changes, then we will make changes. The team is ready to play every four days – we have four days to recover and then another four days. We are not concerned about it, but, for example, we need to see what is going on with Lee Wallace, and which players can be options for us on Tuesday.”

Supporters disappointed with the displays of some of the players last night may have expected a few others to get a chance for a League Cup clash, but it appears the manager has other ideas and chances are high the same XI will appear again come Tuesday night.


  1. The fact that Caixinho does not appear to be planning any cganges–despite the fact that his team could NOT BEAT PARTICK THISTLE, EVEN WHEN THEY HAD 10 MEN–proves what a poor manager he is. Quite a few of the players had bad games–and should be dropped. That includes players like Millar (how bad does he have to be to get dropped?), Pena (still useless–a £ 2 million flop),and Herrera. Last year, there were some young guys who looked very promising getting a few games–what has happened to them?? Is he afraid to use them–or does he just prefer foreign to Scottish?? That is why we have dud like Dalcio, Pena and Herrera, and Cardoso is not all that safe in defence. Time to give some of the young boys a chance–at least they will run hard and try hard–not like many of the present team. PLEASE RANGERS BOARD–SACK CAIXINHO SOON–it is only mid-September, and our leaugue challenge is already well on the way to being finished, with Celtic (who were exposed as a very average team by PSG!!) still being a long way ahead of Rangers, Aberdeen and the rest in Scotland. How bad will it get before Dave King has had enough–and sacks Caixinho, the ace con-man.

    • With with you all the way on that Sage…….I recall when Derek Johnstone got the call……the rest is history……Hedgerow has till Saturday to keep his job…..

    • This would be the typical reply from a fan that wants Pedro out yet if he won on friday everyone would be saying "oh hes amazing, great tactics blah blah blah" but for you to call for his head is ridiculous, yes I would agree there have been some shrewd signings but this happens I believe Pena will come good and so will Herrera, do not get me started on Dalcio, Miller is more of an impact sub, and in regards to the younger boys are they going to be any better than what we have at the moment probably not as they have not matured yet.

      We shall see how they come out on tuesday

    • What planet are you on time you and those like you had a reality check.
      You all seem to think that it is no problem just bring in a big name manager and sign peoole who want to play for us. Reality wr dont have the finance and just because someone is a life long supporter doesnt mean they are any good Halliday a classic example. All this moaning is simply because the othet mob are top of the tree at moment but I can remember their 9 in a row it came to an end would be better if so called supporters got behind the team and manager and stopped moaning. We dont have funds to compete the truth is the glory days are gone at this time it is just a harx slog to try and get back on top in this league which is one of the poorest in europe just look at all our teams performances in europe. Give Pedro a chance I doubt if he had ever been ablr to field whay hr considers his besy team.

  2. all we need to do is play like PSG why not?they have money even barca or even real madrid could only dream of,so for us to compete we should be looking for about 20,000 but it's not available so we can only do what we can with what we've got and that includes Pedro,his ideas are good but our team are not following his guidelines,that's not his fault but the players ,they have to improve and at least try to implement the managers'game plan

  3. I respect what The Sage says on the comments made in the article. I comment often in here and I reiterate I do not want Rangers fans to squabble with each other in these forums and let us all have our say without shouting abuse at each other, even though it is in text.
    Firstly; as I have said before, give Pedro 11 games, so we have played all teams in the league; if we are still within a chance of winning or in contention for 2nd place, we give him till the Winter transfer market, if we are totally out of it he has to go.
    Th Patrick game was typical of our performances so far this season, total domination, then losing our domination and in this game losing stupid goals. Players 'The Sage' criticises have not came up trumps, but others have slowly begun to perform; Candieas, Jack, Moreles have generally performed well, Alves has looked good at the back, Tavernier looks good and Dorian's shows at times his capabilities.
    The game onTursday showed our frailties, losing Wallace early, bringing on John, who I thought looked culpable st times didn't help. The referee didn't help matters and poor defensive wall at the free kick to let them equalise was poor letting them back into the game.
    Factors in the game were down to player errors, not the managers fault; so we get back to the article, do we start to reintroduce these young players from last season like Barjonas, Beerman, Bates (who is injured) or keep who we have available in the 1st team squad is something to ponder about.
    I want Rangers to win a trophy this season, League Cup is a good bet, Scottish Cup is maybes eyes, maybee's naw, League Champions – NO WAY, but Istiil wish

    • Alan, your point is open to interpretation – after 11 games it will obviously still be mathematically possible to win the league, so the question is what you would mean by 'out of it'?

      Would 10 points behind be out of it? I'd say yes if after 11 games there is a 10 point gap. So what about 8 points? That's what the gap will be if Celtic win on Saturday, after just 7 games!

      And 6 points behind Aberdeen.

      The big challenge comes mid October – away to st. Johnstone and home to Aberdeen the following week. Fail to take 6 points from that and top 3 becomes unlikely.

  4. If its the same team and tactics for Tuesday we will be well beaten. They will attack our left flank as it is wide open. Ditto for next weekend.

  5. Translated, Pedro is Peter or stone. A stone is quite dense.
    Pedro is a name given to a donkey which is commonly regarded as a stubborn beast.
    Say no more.

  6. Here hear, well said,

    If the apparent substantial minority of other Bears managed to lose their rose tinted specs and return to planet earth DK wouldn't have a choice but to bin him although I do recognise that more and more Bears can now see this imposter for what he is every week

    Attended majority old firm games since early 70s and, like all Bears, have always had an positive, optimistic approach to these games but feel in reality and all honesty that we have 2 HOPES, AT HOME! under Ped against the manky mob next week- BOB HOPE & NAE HOPE!

    But we will be back where we belong sooner rather than later, of that I have no doubts, but in meantime were just going to have to take it on the chin until this inevitable change arrives

    I would suggest around tea time next Saturday!!


  7. Good comments by a few again, we need to keep this in perspective We do look better the lad Morelos is a player for sure and Jack Dorrans and Candelas are an improvement , Alves is a top player and Cardoso look solid most times , Still not one of Wes's biggest fans ..great shot stopper , but poor positioning and command of his box . The left back without lee will be the weakness both for Tuesday and Saturday …We need to get some midfield blocking in there ….Penna looks a bad signing I don't think he will ever get any better, and Herrera …well he just looks out of his depth .. Kenny must start against the Rotten Mob …Experience etc. If only for the first 45 50 minutes. I would give Rossiter a run against Partick for at least a half … Caixinha will be judged on the full league performance once we have played everyone

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