More Murray Park promotions


Rangers’ U20’s coach Ian Durrant
has expanded on the news of young Ryan Hardie’s promotion to the senior team
with confirmation of another three starlets who have officially made the grade
to the first team.
Andy Murdoch we certainly knew
about, and Tom Walsh was on the cusp, but young Ryan Sinnamon has now been
fast-tracked up to the top tier of the Club and will be part of match-day
squads next season on a permanent basis.

All four of the above players
have now formally left the youth academy and been graduated to the senior
This is, of course, the point of
the academy; to produce quality youngsters who develop at that level before
hopefully being adjudged good enough to play for the first team, or at very
least be part of the picture.
Whether Sinnamon, a right back,
is viewed as a solution to the lack of personnel for that slot remains to be


  1. Great news, at last using MP for what all the millions spent on it was for instead of buying in mediocre players and paying them fortunes. Finally the Club is going in the right direction. I wish McCoist had the balls to do it two divisions ago instead of filling has beens and his old pals pockets, he should have put the Club before his job, but we now know he was not interested in the Clubs welfare.

    • 100% spot on daft as a brush should have stuck with Sue Barker or joined the Blackpool circus . The clubs not on the correct path I believe we don't need to spend big just now there's time needed to see how we do with the blend of our own youth and the few new faces and good coaching for a change !!!

    • he did what he could at the time so dont start all this shit again,the men at the top screwed him and rangers for what they could get for there own pockets, the only way is for all fans to get get behind our team and club, watp.

    • Totally agree Mc Coist had no coaching ability to go with the young players, we need this change and freshness. Would also be looking to change Mulholland at MP too he is not that good

  2. Give me Sinnamon, Walsh, Hardie and Murdoch over Foster, Smith, Boyd and Black any day. Moving forward at long last.

  3. wow this is great news are these three part of the team that got fuckin humped at hampden wow i bet hibs are shittin themselves in king we trust eh

  4. I've just lost the plot with that bastard Ashpit, and my burnout is giving me hallucinations. Last night I was convinced I was a zebra with no tail.

  5. We were lacking energy like nothing else last season,, I'm hoping Warbuton has the tactical knowledge on how to play our players to their strengths. We all know the McCoist/McDowall joke of a management team didnt have a tactical bone in their bodies on how to change a game for the better, like pumping high balls to strikers who are 3ft 2"!! I will watch with interest, the first few games of the season, judge warbuton/weir on games played, not beforehand,, that said, I'm not feeling confident,, as pound for pound,, the players we have, will be physically/skillfully matched by all oposition players in the championship,,and that is my concern,,so warbuton/weir must have a tight team unit with far superior tactics if to win this league as its certainly going to tough,,

  6. Think that if Sinnamon was not regarded as a solution to the lack of personnel at right back – he wouldn't have been promoted to the senior squad. Duh

  7. Any good young player must be supported by experience around him, we've got to get the balance of the team right. After scoring two goals versus Dumbarton last season, Hardie started the next home game but was hung out to dry by his co-foward Miller who put in his usual 'headless chicken' performance. Hardie was subsequently subbed. Hopefully Warburton will prove more adept at supporting & developing our young talent.

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