Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Rangers board unable to get listed

Three weeks after Rangers were formally delisted from the London Stock Exchange (LSE), it has emerged that they have failed to even apply for an alternative stock market.

The favourite supposed destination was the ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange market, otherwise know as the ISDX, which is currently where Arsenal trade, but it has been revealed no application has even been made, never mind processed.

It has been claimed by unverified sources that an application has been rejected by the ISDX, with an unconfirmed quote pertaining to be from aforementioned exchange market:

"We are not a market for AIM rejects.”

Veracity of this statement notwithstanding, (Murray denies it outright) it is clear that almost a month after delisting, and the promises from Paul Murray about imminent reinstallation onto another AIM are starting to look hollow, with continued lack of investment apparent, silence on King’s Fit & Proper Person test, and no clear direction forward.

On the ISDX situation, Murray added:

"During the course of the week of March 30 we requested a time extension from the AIM Regulation team to enable the Company to "fast track" across to the ISDX exchange.This would have taken five business days and would have been a cost effective and seamless process for shareholders. It would have enabled trading to have commenced on ISDX immediately. In their wisdom the AIM Regulation team refused to grant this extension and the Company's shares were delisted on April 7."

Knowing the shares were about to be delisted (despite claims to the contrary) from the LSE, Rangers tried to set the ISDX ball in motion in advance, but it met a brick wall.

What is most certainly clear – Rangers are seriously struggling to cope on or off the field.


  1. Well done Ibrox Noise for acting responsibly and transparently in reporting the truth as it is. Supporters have been waiting for this type of honesty and transparency for a long time and I for one cannot believe how many of us fall for the guff served up by the DR and others. The DR have been readying up for a splash that as soon as the SFA give the green light to Squint, that the ISDX will welcome us with open arms. KJ has been stringing us along for years. What a joke giving him that prize was. Monkey Spanker.

  2. Here we go again with your negative comments the club was left in an enormous mess that will take years to sort not a few months GET REAL !!!!!

  3. "We are not a market for AIM rejects"

    Not a statement from a professional. Sounds like someone's at the wind up.

  4. "Unverified sources" and "an unconfirmed quote", you are joking aren't you.

    Lets wait until after the SFA's judgement on the fit and proper person question then within a short time we should expect information from the board regarding investment and the direction they intend to take the club in.

  5. True that there is nothing verifiably attributable to the ISDX, but doesn't the absence of any statement whatsoever for over three weeks from the board (on this or other important matters) say things are not exactly going well?

    1. No not at all.
      The new board took over what was financially a basket case of a club that had been mismanaged by various scumbags for years. They need to assess the situation honestly and know where the club stands financially before making bullshit promises they can't keep.
      It makes sense to wait for the SFA's decision regarding King and more importantly to find out what league we will be playing in before announcing decisions on important matters. Unlike their immediate predecessors this board is in it for the long run and for the good of the club.


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