“Newcastle Five” – Why Rangers can consider legal action


January’s transfer window saw one
of the most bizarre deals of modern times, broken first on this site. In
essence, as we know, Rangers brought in ‘The Newcastle Five’ as loanees from
Tyneside, in a stunning deadline day swoop which bewildered almost all of us.
Haris Vuckic, Gael Bigirimana,
Kevin Mbabu, Shane Ferguson and Remi Streete all found themselves whisked up to
Murray Park to sign on the dotted line.

Only, that did not happen. Only
three of them actually came up, Vuckic, Streete and Bigirimana, and Mbabu
finally joined them some weeks later. Ferguson
still has not and now certainly never will.
But the astounding controversy of
this ‘deal’ centres on the deliberate lack of medical.
As I explored here, this deal was a ‘hospital loan’, whereby the four players (outwith Vuckic) were sent
to Murray Park to use its facilities and get fit,
in order to return to St James’ Park in June and be sold off at a profit.

None of these players would ever be elevated to Newcastle first-team material, and thus the
scam: Mike Ashley, Derek Llambias and Barry Leach systematically set about
ensuring the players would not receive medicals, and they would join by
If the Murray Park
medical staff had even managed a minute with these men, there is absolutely no
way they would have been approved.
Hence the scam, and the distinct
validity of legal action against all three suits.
Mike Ashley forced a damaged
product upon Rangers, bypassing the medicals, and ensuring they could use the
facilities to ultimately make him profit.
What happens when a customer buys
a product, and the seller neglects to mention the product is not fit for
purpose? They have a legal case for a refund, or compensation.
If Paul Murray, scathing in his
assessment of the “Newcastle Three” yesterday, wishes to be taken further
seriously, he must genuinely consider the possibility of engaging the courts to
bring Ashley to task.
He said:
“Let me give just two examples of the
recklessness displayed by those who were removed from office just more than two
weeks ago. One is the amount – in the region of £300,000 – spent on a needless
General Meeting and the other is the signing of five Newcastle loan players without
Yes, not only did Ashley pawn
these injured players on us, but his henchmen forced the EGM to cost almost
half a million pounds. An EGM, unnecessary in the first place, which should
have cost an already needless £80,000, has wasted Rangers’ coffers over three
times that.
Rangers’ board have a serious
case for a malpractice suit here, and once the finances are in better order, it
should be sincerely considered.


  1. A word of caution…be very very careful what you put in print.
    Some of your article borders on the "dangerous."

    • A word of caution don't talk shite, back to the subject of the article do we think this is why l&l are suspended

    • Agreed….there are some comments there which are probably admissible in a court of law.

      It took Potless Paul 11 days to think of something to say to justify his tbc salary as interim chairman. He started by blaming the previous regimes. I assume that would include his part in the liquidation of RFC plc???

      I am more worried about the lies and deceipt emanating from Ibrox now…the thinly veiled threats to the SFA around King investing.. only if they agree he is fit and proper … haha oooops… didn't see that one in their pledges before they FORCED an EGM.

      Of course of much more interest is how he intends to invest, after all its investment we need not lies deceit and propaganda. The clock is ticking and £1.5m loan doesn't keep us going until the end of the season, and after that??

  2. A word of caution…be very very careful what you put in print.
    Some of your article borders on the "dangerous."??????

    That you L ????

    • Naw… you be very careful what you say first poster… Time to put down the laptop and head for the hills fella… Because the rangers board, fans, and institutional investors won't stop chasing you until you're behind bars…

  3. "A word of caution…be very very careful what you put in print.
    Some of your article borders on the "dangerous.""

    Clearly written by a boy who thinks he's a man, hinting at things he doesn't understand…

  4. Feel a bit sorry for the players in this whole saga, they've done nowt wrong. I still think they'll play a part if we reach the play offs. Well hopefully anyway, because we'll need them.

    • They may have to, a few of the current squad have contracts that expire before/during the play offs, will they be offered new ones or not or will it depend on promotion to the spfl.

  5. i just hope the newcastle fans do the same and try get him out of THERE club, it might take time but there filling his pockets up every season and getting nothing.

  6. Please, do not employ lawyers. Put it behind us. Lawyers will only drag it out using up our energy and both parties money. Consider how much money lawyers have made e.g those who advised Rangers EBTs were Ok and those ( at state expense and continuing to do so) who advised HMRC that EBTs were not OK. And on and on and on. The greatest leeches in our society. But hey , we look up to them!

  7. I'm a bit confused by the so-called alligation in this piece, as it saying tha the players were sent to Rangers on 'hospital loans' meaning they wouldn't play for them, get fit using their facilities, then at which point they are, they would be sold by Newcastle yeah, well I'm playing devils advocate here but didn't Haris Vuckic, Gael Bigirimana and Remi Streete all play in games for Rangers, Vuckic actually scoring on his debut? Also by the time these young lads moved to Rangers, hadn't the club already borrowed some £5m off Ashley, so the money to pay these players would have come out of that & so would the money for the EGM, which I believe was called by the 'new' board, those costing the club money, not the old board.
    Anyway to cut it short, how can you sue someone for using money that in theory is already theirs??

    • Not a very good devil Bigirimana has not kicked a ball for us, so let's put it this way if you go to the shops buy let's say a box of chocolates & there is only half a box in the box then that box has passed quality control just like a medical, then you can take the chocolates back to the shop & say gees ma money back ya banger because you have sold me faulty goods get it lucifer

  8. No, Bigirama hasn't played and Remi lasted a good half hour before pulling up with a hamstring injury and hasn't been off the treatment table since. Vuckic is a success story so far. The money spent wasn't Ashley's – it was loaned to the club and will be paid back. In fact at least two million was paid back out of the £5 million. For all intents and purposes taking 5 players onto your books without medicals is if not gross misconduct, grossly immoral. Of course none of it is the players' faults and we recognise this, by all accounts all good lads.

  9. Mmm perhaps right Mr Calder, but are the directors (currnet or past) any better, wait a minute, Mr King is in both those camps, working out how to put as little or as much as he needs to in to get it all back plus the £20M he lost before plus interest, watch this space!!

  10. Llambias and Leach should be dismissed from their administrative positions forthwith on the grounds of Gross Professional Misconduct, and no compensation paid. Then companies house should disbar them from holding any directorships in the UK for acting against the interest of Rangers PLC and in the interests of Sports Direct and Mike Ashley. Finally Ashley should be barred from any involvement in football in the UK indefinitely. They have broken every rule in the book!

  11. It's impossible to say what should be done or even what could be done if we don't really know what has been done. Everything that we have heard is here say and rumour with no released facts to corroborate them. Personally I believe something untoward has been going on and would like to believe that with the right people looking evidence could be uncovered to at the very least expose the charlatans involved. If enough evidence is uncovered to formulate legal proceedings then I would hope it is acted on. Hopefully this is what is happening behind the scenes at the moment and it may be some time before we have the real answers to questions we need answered. In the meantime we can only show patience and fully support the team and everyone involved in moving forward.

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