Friday, 27 March 2015

Murray: "Ashley can still appoint directors"

Paul Murray has confirmed, contrary to previous reports, that Mike Ashley has retained the rights to appoint two directors to the PLC board.

It had been believed that the aforementioned rights had expired with Rangers’ rejection of the second tranche of the Sports Direct loan, but interim chairman Murray has verified that is not the case:

“He does, yes (have the right). We’re talking about the main public company at Rangers International Football Club. He has got the rights under the agreement of the first five million loan to do it.”

It was previously understood that the rights only applied to the first tranche, but their retention will be a worrying state of affairs for Rangers fans.

However, Murray did add that Ashley, as yet, has not yet indicated a desire to take engage the right:

“He’s shown no intention of doing it so far but he’s obviously got the right to do it if he wants to and we’ll have to address that if and when he chooses to do that.”

Mike Ashley still retains a worrying level of control at Ibrox. While his henchmen have been ousted, his own clout is exactly as it was, and he can easily replace them if he so desires, plus his own seizing of Rangers’ Retail is a gigantic coup in his favour, and it ties the new board’s hands more than should be acceptable.


  1. Mr Murray, Mr King,,,, Please answer the following questions - 1. Was Craig Whyte right to liquidate Rangers Football Club?,,,2. If not, what would you have done to save the club from liquidation at the time.,,,, 3, Why didn't you??,,,,,,,,,,,

    Mr Murray said that an investigation into the books is nearly completed. That its an information gathering exercise just now. Fair enough Mr Murray, you have already said Mike Ashley can get 2 of his own on the board. So why lie to the fans prior to the EGM that he couldnt. He also said that Charles Green cant come back on the board?, What if Mike Ashley appointed Mr Green as on of his on the board, who could stop that?.

    There is a lot of things still to be answered, but we have already been lied to. Now we have to wait for Mr Kings investment until the SFA do their enquiry to ascertain if he is a fit and proper person to be a board member. So why did he say at the press conference after been voted in at the EGM,,that he would invest even if he wasnt found to be fit and proper!!, so why are we waiting for the investment, if not being on the board wasnt an issue?!!!
    I said before,, Dave King is the pied piper,, and the Rangers fans have followed him,, and we know what happened at the end of that story!!,, nuff said!!!

    1. You Sir, are a wanker!! We have not been lied to. There were no means of murray, king etc, knowing what the contracts hold. so any report about claiming ashley couldnt put men on the board were probably just conjured up by the papers. And as far as the dave king investment goes, they need to know the ins and outs of the club and company before they go throwing money at it. Otherwise they are no better than the previous regime. Give the guys time, they asked for patience, we said of course guys, take your time, just make sure you get it done right, then within a few weeks youve got arseholes like yourself trying to tear them down before they've even started. Grow up and let them do there job!!

      NUFF SAID BLOOD!!! (only said that as i was imitating a complete WANKER)

    2. You should stick to your own team instead of making a fool of yourself.

  2. Ashley has no avenue to influence, no mechanism to effect decisions and hence no power whatsoever.

    His commercial deal isn't worth shit if bears don't buy merchandise. He'll negotiate in mitigation of getting heehaw.

  3. To Anon, 12:59. To use profanities again others, just goes to show your no better than pawn life who dwell at parkhead!!,, I'm glad you don't disagree with the 3 questions i would pose to Mr Murray and Mr King!,,, I would also ask you to research your information also, at the very first press conference after the EGM, Mr King clearly stated if he was NOT found suitable to be a director,, he would still be investing into Rangers no matter what. SO, my gutter mouthed, pawn lifed, probably unemployed, never been to game, friend,, WHY do we NOW need to wait for his investment,,when he already pledged that he would?!. You seem to blinded by blue tinted spectacles on the board. As soon as i hear a lie, like they already have done,,then I do not trust them. Now, dare I say,, we still have education facilites for guys who cant complete a sentence without swearing, I suggest you apply and hopefully you may become a decent fellow Rangers Supporter that we all aspire to be,, Nuff said!!

  4. It's clear that Murray's statement is pure PR guff. King has been quoted as saying that he would invest whether on the board or not......end of, no argument.
    What Murray didn't refer to is that King has the court to convince first.
    I've no doubt, that given the green light by them, that the SFA will wave King through, no problem.
    However, what if the court red cards King and labels him as not F&P?
    There would be no way that the SFA could ignore the court ruling and contradict the verdict, even given that different criteria are in play.
    If the whole shebang implodes a long list of creditors would be lining up to take potshots at the SFA.........players, fans, Ashley, trade creditors.
    The football authorities wouldn't have a leg to stand on in these circumstances and would be facing financial armageddon which I'm sure their legal representatives will already have pointed out to them.
    So full circle, King fails F&P tests...................what will be the next excuse for not investing?

    Perhaps those pesky SARS guys preventing King from moving cash from SA?

    Whose going to pick up the slack then ?

  5. King has lied about the Nomad.

    There is nothing to stop him investing now...........why, because he said he would irrespective of being a board member or not.

    His puppet Murray is clearly lying on his master's behalf.

  6. How anyone can trust King belies belief. I've never read a more vicious character assasination than that which the SA judge visited on King.
    There can't be anything moe damning than being told in open court that not a single word coming from King could be believed unless backed up by documentation.
    Already he's lied about the Nomad, and Murray's lying on behalf of his master about why he's not invested.

  7. If you actually watch the interview with Murray today, on rangers official youtube channel. He clearly says the only reason King hasn't put the money in yet, is to show respect for the process of F&P. As the guys in before destroyed as the relationships Rangers had all around the game. They have to rebuild, we have to give these guys time. Murray has fought for years in the best interests of Rangers, he tried to block Whyte and was then removed from the board once he got in. I would also like to point out that Rangers like King have been pursued by tax authorities, SARS pursued King very aggressively and he had no option but to settle. Rangers pursued by HMRC didn't have that money to settle, and were subsequently put out of business, even though the legal opinion of 2 judges I think have ruled that rangers broke no rules at the time, so a hole in the tax system that they used. Though immoral not illegal. So remember there's 2 side to the King tax story, same as there was with rangers. And a side note I'm no expert in SA tax law neither am I sure about the integrity of the SA tax system as Africa in general has been rife with corruption at government level. WATP lets stay positive bears, its not all doom an gloom anymore :)

  8. Another point is the "loan" from Douglas Park & Co, is interest and fee free plus no securities. It's only meant to tide Rangers over till King can Invest. We don't have to be worried about the "loan" it in no way indicates that they lied. As I said above it's to show respect to the process of F&P, as soon as he's cleared the money will be there. I for one would be disgusted at the SFA if he wasn't cleared since they allowed the previous sharks in. Who done nothing but drag Rangers down. It would be unthinkable if they actually now blocked someone of benefit to Rangers, someone willing to invest. I could see another wee march up to hampden on the calender if they did that.

  9. King has proved his doubters wrong time and time again and repeatedly proved that his motives are open and honest when it comes to Rangers and yet some foolish people continue to attack him. Once again these people will be shown to be totaly wrong but without doubt they will reappear in a couple of weeks again talking nonesense and bad mouthing King and everyone associated with him.
    Without question King is a true Rangers fan with only our clubs interest at heart. Thats not something you could say about his few, but often rabid distractors who sprout their nonesense on this site on a regular basis.


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