Rangers can’t stop Charles Green returning


Asked whether Rangers would be
accepting the potential return of ex-CEO Charles Green, Paul Murray replied
with a resounding “no”.
The problem is Green’s specific
quote on the subject related to Mike Ashley, and not the Rangers board.
As confirmed by Paul Murray,
Ashley still has the power to appoint two new directors under the contractual
obligations of the Sports Direct loan tranche part one.

And Green is quite happy to be
one of those directors.
“I’m happy to go back and represent
Ashley. I can imagine that being fun.”
Murray can be as resounding as he likes with
defiance regarding Green, but unless he and the present PLC board can negotiate
a deal to Ashley’s satisfaction, those conditions remain absolute.
And if Ashley decides to enact
that clause, there is absolutely every reason for him to want Green on the Ibrox board as
one of his two men, with zero the current regime can do to stop it.
The only manoeuvre open to Murray
et al is appeasing Ashley with a sweetener or outright buying him out, and the
latter is rumoured to weigh in at £27M.
There are some nuggets of concern
for the Rangers support and the Rangers board, and this is most definitely one
of them.


  1. Vote him off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Think its you thats simple.Part of the loan agreement allows him to put two on the board.There is no voting in it.Ashley is still calling the shots.He will be here for the foreseeable future.I am not sure it was a wise idea to suspend his first two.He is a very devious enemy to have.

  2. Actually, it IS that simple — vote him off.
    Ashley can then appoint another couple of board members …. who will be given roles relating to the skyhooks side of the club … and then voted off.

    btw, the aryicle is correct — Ashley COULD appoint Green in such a role.
    But … would he want to ?
    It would basically be a straightforward acknowledgement of a business link between Green and Ashley, with ALL of the consequences that would result from that during the analysis of the ongoing financial investigations into the fraud and "onerous contracts" in the club's recent past.

    It would at a stroke paint Ashley and Green as being associates, and certainly put Ashley's SD contracts with RIFC into a legally dubious light.

  3. It is true that Ashley can appoint Green. But it is only a temporary measure, once debt is repaid, he loses the right.
    If Ashley wishes an ongoing relationship, he will not antagonise the board. If the doesn't care, then why bother. If he wants to pick a fight, he would have already appointed 2 to fight.
    I find the £27 Million figure strange, that is higher than the value of the club. Can out be substantiated?

  4. Some confusion here he can only appoint if the loan remains, so it would 5 million.
    The other figure has appeared in a hating blog and is aligned to us supposedly buying our way out of the onerous contracts.
    Please at least get your facts right.
    As for onerous contracts I hope we can rip them up for arse paper.

  5. So you can have 2 directors? Out vote them at every meeting. Reduce directors salaries to nil and expenses to nil. They would soon get fed up.

  6. Isn't there a clause that Rangers have to agree with the individuals put forward? I'm sure I read that at the time of the initial loan. If thats the case then we can refuse Green.
    That said I remember reading Newcastle were paying the wages of the loan players so most people are just choosing what to believe and what not to according to their own agendas.

    Lets face it though this is just Green being Green, it's not going to happen.

  7. who cares mr king and mr murray are both liars who haven't put 1 red penny into rangers no nomad will take us so long as king is on board we are in bigger trouble real soon im afraid

  8. I think the club will go from strength to strength under this board. We have Rangers men leading the way. Just give it time, the club needs time to get the right foundations done.

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