Biggest Club in Scotland With the Least Influence


What do the following men have in
Eric Drysdale, Ken Ferguson,
Stephen Thompson, Neil Doncaster, Ralph Topping, Eric Riley, Duncan Fraser and
Mike Mulraney.
First off you probably have not
heard of half of them. Secondly, they are the SPFL’s board, which is made up of
representation from each league in the SPFL, from League 2 all the way through
to the Premiership. Celtic, Aberdeen,
Dundee Utd, Raith Rovers and even Alloa Athletic have influence at a national
Notice the glaring omission?
On Monday the SPFL announced the
latest election results, where Raith Rovers’ Drysdale and Brechin’s Ken
Ferguson were elected onto its board to replace Bill Darroch and Les Grey of
Stenhousemuir and Hamilton respectively.
These elections are carried out by
member clubs of the SPFL, and the elephant in the room is the fact that once
again Scotland’s
biggest club is overlooked by its peers and the game in general north of the
border and discounted from having any influence where it counts.
Rangers have zero representation
in Scotland
outside the Rangers boardroom itself.
This situation remains an
absolute joke, especially given Rangers’ size financially supports its peers.
Rangers fans buying thousands of tickets at tiny grounds, the Club being
blackmailed into giving up its TV rights to the SPL back in the day.
Scottish clubs still make a
fortune off Rangers yet continue to beat the Club into submission every chance
they get.
On Tuesday AM Rangers played the
latest leg of their North American tour v Canadian outfit Victoria Highlanders.
Here is the advert for it:
If Rangers got a fifth of the
respect in Scotland they get
outside Scotland,
the Club would not be ignored at national level nor would the appalling illegal
events of the past two years have happened to them.
But yet here we are, languishing
in a league we should not be in, having lost our entire first team, all for
nothing. And yet, despite all the sparring among fans, Ibrox boardroom chaos and disagreements about
the way the Club should be run, any other club would have crumpled.
But we are still here. And
nothing any of you lot try will get rid of us.
We are here to stay WATP.


  1. Rangers fans do not want the board they have at the moment. Who from the current rangers board do you think should should be on the SPFL board.

    • Watch your stadium be full for once when the zombies come to town, until then you can keep playing a was going to say pass the parcel but it wouldn't get far, wee game of hide & seek more apt at the giro dome, awe wait that's what all the hoopies are doing saving their giro's for us zombies coming back so you's don't miss us first time, one more thing zombies are dead so they can't cry so make your mind up you fool

    • Pity all governing bodies disagree with you 🙂 Read it and weep 117 and counting.

    • If it's a new club why are you obsessed enough to read this? As it happens all football governing bodies disagree,as does the ASA the organisation your obsessed support cried to. Read it and weep 117 and STILL counting,

    • you don't seem to recognise that everyone that matters aincluding the law..see rangers as the same club..but you are the same obsessed bigot who can't stop reading posts about a club you say is dead and comment on it. Why not go out and get a life..state aid fc..Oh and isn't it good to see Sell-out park do just that by having the Queens games at it. Hypocrosy knows no bounds when theres money to be had

  2. You reap what you sow. You're new club is doing exactly the same thing again, they'll be bust again soon and it'll be all "it wasn't our fault". Boo-hoo, Karma's a bitch.

    • Listen to the big selling club bumping it gums about the famous Glasgow Rangers You as in Septic have supposed to have made millions from Champions league revenue and also your main purpose at moment Selling players so were is the Cash who is lining there pockets at moment in Meccano Park Pity Hibs got relagated you might have bought another of there rejects. Just remember we are Big news so much so that septic fans as the song says just can,t get enough of us if we are a new club why bother with us simple one word OBSESSED go buy your over priced season ticket and champions league tickets (crisis loans are available at your local DHSS office)once out of Champions league then season is over for you, no doubt you will be back on to check on the Famous Glasgow Rangers, just remember WATP and never Fail Fail.

    • You're not famous – you're infamous. Nobody wanted your predecessor RFC – nobody wants Sevco. Your ground is crumbling, you have a manager who can't motivate his team to beat a 4th tier American pub team and a support that meekly ( like lemmings over a cliff ) do everything they're told by the latest Rangers Saviour ( who is it this week – Whyte, Green, Wallace, King, Gough, Novo )? You're deluded – you're a different club ( everyone with half a brain cell gets that .. which is probably why you don't ). Enjoy another season of no European football , cold wet trips to footballing backwaters and with any luck a good few more seasons in the lower divisions. The SPFL is better without you.

  3. I dont get it, why cant they accept that RFC went bust and were liquidated, and the club that they currently support are a brand new club. They keep going on and on about the old clubs history as if liquidation was somehow just a bad dream. Crazy stuff.

    • Maybe because the football governing bodies say differently? Maybe it's you obsessed that can't accept it?
      117 and counting.
      ps ignoring this won't work 😉

  4. Rather have our history as I can still sleep at night, than have the history of a club that was founded by brother walfrid no what a mean harry

  5. I hope we find out who has all the other stock options soon and it adds up to less than 43 million. It would be very sad if we couldn't do any new allocations.

  6. Trolling the net on Rangers sites. Sling on yer shell suit gear and trot off for yer buckie instead of posting on tinternet with equipment of unsound ownership. Better still dont waste yer giro here go and support yer commonwealth games scrounging team and buy a slab at the porkdome. Good article by the way.

  7. Are the debts to the armed forces, the hospitals and the money you stole from charities still here?

  8. The downside for all of us of being liquidised is that it's irreversible. That,and the fact there's no upside – except maybe we get the chance to cleanse ourselves. Yeah that's the upside to what hasn't got a great side. Peter Lawwell is very sorry.

  9. AMAZING the punters [kind description] who visit this site with anti comments. Never see me hallow the depths of ssdons fc or timberland cfc they must truly miss us LOL

  10. Let's not have fact get in the way of the anti-Gers rhetoric from certain folks in the comments. That only celtic fans and their sympathisers continue to go against the football and legal authorities by trying to push the "dead club" nonsense says it all.

    If you have to make it up then it just shows us we are in the right!

    • If you can find a single legal authority, along with UEFA and FIFA, to back your claim, I would happily be in your debt.
      But you won't be able to, of course.
      What you stated totally contravenes the rules of the games governing bodies.

  11. I see the obsessed are still obsessed about Scotland's biggest and most successful club. For some bizarre reason they seem to think that if they pollute every Rangers story or thread with their inane logic (using their rather weird logic eg newco=new club their own Pacific Shelf,HMS 402,The Celtic Football and Athletic Co Ltd,Celtic Plc etc is a new club several times over,as are Middlesbrough,Leeds Utd,Fiorentina,Hibs,Hearts etc etc )it suddenly becomes fact. Thankfully the football governing bodies and everyone else who matters ignore these strange,obsessed individuals and recognise Rangers Football Club as the most successful club in the land. Don't let it get to you bhoys it's only fitbaw 🙂
    "We consulted with UEFA, which explained that its rules allowed for the recognition of the “sporting continuity” of a club’s match record, even if that club’s corporate structure had changed. We also consulted with the SFA, which confirmed that its definition of a football “club” varied depending on context, and could sometimes refer to an entity separate from the club’s corporate owner. The SFA further pointed out that, following RFC’s transfer to a new corporate owner, Newco did not take a new membership of the Scottish FA but rather that the previous membership was transferred across to them so they could continue as the same member of the Scottish FA. We considered that consumers would understand that the claim in question related to the football club rather than to its owner and operator and we therefore concluded that it was not misleading for the ad to make reference to RFC's history, which was separate to that of Newco."
    Bet you wish you hadn't complained to them now lol.
    117 and counting.

    • "Scotland's biggest Club" has just been humiliated by Ventura County, a team of U.S. amateurs.

      You're not the biggest team in Scotland.

      You're not even the biggest team in Glasgow…

  12. Good points – If this treatment happened to any individual and not a company it would be called bullying.

  13. Maybe time to appeal to English leagues for asylum. Silly little Celtic supporters commenting above are typical of the idiotic stereotypes in Scottish football.

  14. With such an appeal even the fans of our greatest rivals cannot stop themselves checking our fans forums seeing what we say as they worry about the imminent return of the spl trophy to its home

  15. 117 and counting.
    ps. ignoring this and hoping it goes away won't actually work bhoys 🙂

  16. In the sad warped world of ra Sellik supporter they will also be peddling the line to all that will listen that they can't fly in a plane because the company that make the engines no longer exists either…..right??

  17. a lot of people hiding their names here and spewing a lot of keech
    RANGERS ARE THE SAME CLUB,STADIUM,MANAGER,PLAYERS,STRIPS,BACKROOM STAFFAND STADIUM STAFF ETC ETC ETC with a different company owning the assets and as for whyte or green coming back no chance as the bopard will be out very soon and big rangers men coming in
    the lot of you are jealous and yous tried to get us killed off and get our titles but it didn't work
    we were found not guilty and the creditors have been awarded 20 million so I just wish all you silly timothys would get a life and go out and try and get a job or summit BECAUSE WE DONT WANT LIKE OR WANT YOUS so please get a grip[ a f/off

  18. YEAH YEAH BLAH BLAH Lets not miss the irony of septic fc for years ira songs rang out of there dump insults towards our Queen yet they line there pockets and I hope every penny is accounted for by the commonwealth no doubt they,ll claim for enough damage for a refit as well as steal another land we shall be watching vermin fc

  19. Rangers 1872 does have history no dispute about that but The Rangers 2012 won't be adding to it!
    Why? Liquidation.

  20. The Tribute Act's lack of influence reflects their status as a newly formed football club.

    Keep playing away quietly, hope you avoid an insolvency event and maybe in ten years or so you may be considered for representation on the SPFL's Board.


  21. Rangers 2012 can't have a Board Member as they are still Associate Members of the SFA. Maybe next year.

    PS State Aid via Glasgow City Council is paying for your trip to America…I think the Social Work Dept took Fat Sally under their wing.

  22. So the sun set on the deadco just as it did long ago on the union and the commonwealth and lizziboot saw it and agreed with Gerry it was good. It is embarrassing to see them turn up bowing and genuflecting at paradise – we don't go much for that sycophancy. As Martin whispered gently "mind how you go pet".

  23. Right.HM Queen Elizabeth at Celtic park?? This is the final straw for this bear. The cabal of Liewell the lasgow city council and their Vatican paymasters are laughing loudly at us and nobody from our club has said a thing.Why may I ask?? Why is our values being stripped bare? Why is our MOST GRACIOAS QUEEN at CELTIC PARK?????? Why SULENCE about this??????

  24. It does'nt matter what the zombie fans say !! they KNOW they DIED and we KNOW they DIED and we will NEVER let them forget they DIED !!! hahaha just ask Hearts or Dunfermline fans how you save a club !!! LIQUIDATION is the end deal with it !!! 1872 – 2012 RIP

  25. Befoe you ask, I'm not a Rangers or a Celtic fan but I do love football. Whether or not you believe any of the comments from either side, there appears no doubt to me that the 2 largest teams in Scotland have a great opportunity to work together while being rivals on the park to make a difference on the field and helping Scottish football back to a better place in world football. This would be bring through younger players, stop signing so many overseas, stop paying rediculous salaries, I am certain there are a few in both camps and finally stop the verbal warfare that has no connection to football, pointless!


  26. Celtic fans laugh at your wee team and the Rangers fans naturally get upset. Anybody who dares mention anything negative about Rangers gets terrible abuse.It's that mentality that alienates you from every fan of every other club.Everyone knows what happened to Rangers and why it happened.

  27. Imagine, if you will, paying Bill of See-thru Window Co. £3,500 to come and put new windows in your house. Bill 'phones on Monday morning and says he won't be coming as, unfortunately, he's gone bust, terribly sorry old chap. Tuesday morning sees Bill roll up in his van but park next door whereupon he begins installing new windows. Feeling somewhat aggrieved you challenge Bill to fit your windows or give you the money back. "Oh no" says Bill, "That was nothing to do with us, that was See-Thru Window Co. We are The See-thru Window Co. And actually, it's your fault this happened." Then Bill gets very nasty and aggresive blaming all of his troubles on you.
    I imagine you wouldn't be very pleased. I imagine all the people that were due money or services from Bill wouldn't be very pleased. If Bill was to show some regret or contrition or even try and remedy the situation in some way it might help heal the wounds. But instead Bill blames all and sundry …

    I suspect that the majority of readers of this will assume I'm a timmy rangers hater. I'm not. I'm a pissed off, hard-working, tax-paying, home-owning Scotland fan. I was brought up to know the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. I can't think of many things more shameful than being publicly outed as unable to pay my way or debts as due. I believe this was the way most Scots were brought up in the Kirk. Scots were tight, they were frugal but they were honest and dependable.
    To be crowing about dumping debt and shafting creditors is shameful despicable and embarrassing. (As is singing songs glorifying the bombing of innocent women and children for any on-looking plastic Paddys.). If the keyboard warriors who are reading this truly believe that their club has done nothing wrong and is in fact the victim, then you are deluded bordering on psychotic and as a race we may as well switch off the lights.

    WATP?? Well it certainly isn't WE ARE TAX PAYERS (and before you all jump up in unison crying "Not Guilty", think wee tax case, think PAYE, think NIC – those are irrefutable facts but most of you (both sides) find it difficult to deal with facts)

  28. sevco scotland were allowed to enter Scottish football in the bottom tier. There was NO RELEGATION. NO DEMOTION. Hence no later entry into scottish cup as sevco scotland had no previous league placing. The old club and company were incorporated as a legal entity… that entity is currently being liquidated by BDO. Assets were bought but NOT the club… if the club was purchased why was it not listed in the pre IPO literature.

    Buying history is a complete joke and everybody knows it, though some want to deny it … please tell us one other example in world history where history is bought and sold.

  29. I'm a bit confused here.

    Wouldn't the "Biggest Club in Scotland" attract the largest support?

    Let's see:

    Year Club Average Attendance
    2014 Celtic FC 47,079
    2013 Celtic FC 46,917
    2012 Celtic FC 50,904
    2011 Celtic FC 48,978
    2010 Rangers 47,301
    2009 Celtic FC 57,671
    2008 Celtic FC 56,677
    2007 Celtic FC 57,928
    2006 Celtic FC 58,150
    2005 Celtic FC 57,943
    2004 Celtic FC 58,181
    2003 Celtic FC 57,243
    2002 Celtic FC 58,587
    2001 Celtic FC 59,165
    2000 Celtic FC 54,440
    1999 Celtic FC 59,233

    Wouldn't the "Biggest Club in Scotland" generate the highest revenue? I'll even go back to the old club:

    2009-10 Turnover (£000)

    Club 2010 2009 Total

    Celtic 61,715 72,587 134,302
    Rangers 56,287 39,704 95,991

    I would give you the comparative turnover of RFC's last 2 years of existence, BUT ONLY ONE OF THESE CLUBS SUBMITTED AUDITED BOOKS!

    Regarding the old club – new club discussion:

    Mr. Green's consortium merely purchased the assets and business of a dying club in a liquidation sale. He could have done anything with those assets. If he had chosen to form a football club – after all, he had a stadium and some player registrations – and called them "Green's Brigade" and dressed them all in green (obviously his favorite color), and somehow managed to get them into the SFL, would they have started life with 54 top tier titles?

    The Green consortium could only make money by putting forth the fantasy that nothing had changed: Old and new club were in fact one in the same. This sleight of hand could only be realized if he had a dislocated fan base of none too bright punters who would eagerly latch onto this invention and fork over their hard earned pounds to enrich Green and his partners – and provide enough funds to field a team. Luckily, such a fan base was readily available and eager to fund Green's vision of owning a villa next to Craig Whyte's in Monaco.

    Keen to assist in this fantasy, the SFA used the opportunity to possibly retain the slightest shred of significance on the world football stage by transferring the dead club’s license to Green’s phoenix club and treating them as one and the same – without actually saying that out loud. Future TV and sponsorship deals would be more lucrative, despite being at the same time ludicrous, if Regan could tout the continuance of the world’s greatest football rivalry.

    Various other agencies cited by the new club’s supporters (ECA, UEFA, blah blah) merely follow the national association’s guidance. If the SFA had said, “old club”, do you think those organizations would have said different?

    Supporters of the new club love to cite Lord Nimmo Smith’s assessment that the club’s history is unbroken. This was not the question before LNS’s tribunal. As with any judicial decision, the case regarding dual contracts began with a summary. LNS either gave his opinion – non-binding and of no legal standing – or was given the summary by another party. Either way, it matters not a jot with respect to the old club – same club question.

    "The club I gave blood, sweat and tears for is now dead" – Richard Gough, 13/6/12

    “All it took was for someone to be honest. Pay your dues, give the tax man what he is owed. Instead Rangers have died.” Richard Gough – 2012

    "We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune." – Walter Smith, 19/6/12

    Jim Traynor: “Rangers FC as we know them are dead. It’s all over. They are about to shut down for ever…No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died.” (Daily Record, 13 June 2012:

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