New Beginnings at Ibrox, Optimism and Positivity


This time last year, not only did
Rangers not know what league they would be playing in next season, not only did
uncertainty dominate over whether or not the club would still exist in 2
months, but the annual excitement of new signings, pre-season tours and preparation
for the upcoming football calendar was something Rangers fans were cruelly
robbed of.
There was no daily speculation
about what new signings might be made, only excruciating news about which
current player was the latest to pack his bag and desert the club.
There were no preseason matches
to prepare for, but rather a constant flow of news about the lack of an SFA
licence and inability to play football in this country as a result.
And there was no preparation, no
careful planning – just a last-minute panic-signing job which saw a great deal
of substandard players joining the Ibrox ranks with a matter of urgency instead
of careful consideration.
So it is with indescribable
pleasure that we witness Rangers embarking on a low-key tour of the highlands
having secured the signings of a great number of very decent players. We
already know a Sheffield Utd friendly has been confirmed so there is undeniably
a different look about preseason this year.
Put simply, in summer 2013: we have one.
Being robbed of your summer
preparations, friendly match tours and exciting transfers is something no
football fan should ever have to experience. My genuine empathy lies with all
other supporters of clubs who have been in the position of praying their club
would still exist, rather than wishing for a particular signing. Rangers fans
have experienced it. Last summer was anything but filled with sunshine for the
Light Blues.
The good feeling this summer,
however, cannot be estimated. After earlier concerns, fans are taking up their
season tickets in droves and the latest numbers estimate the renewal rates at
over 30,000. For a Second Division side these figures are sensational, and the
presence of a pre-season, even if there are no ‘glamour’ friendly matches
included in it, cannot be overestimated.
The ability to plan ahead, to
slowly consider what players to sign and to have some kind of direction is
something I never thought would be something I would cherish, as opposed to
previous seasons taking it for granted.
Already the club has played one
preseason friendly in Brora, overcoming the wee Rangers by 2 goals to 0,
courtesy of the badly-missed Lewis MacLeod. Another will take place this
evening against Elgin,
with every fully-fit player available to take part.
Nicky Law, Cammy Bell, Lewis
MacLeod, Andy Little, David Templeton, Barrie McKay, Lee Wallace, Steven Smith,
Richard Foster, Nicky Clark and Jon Daly – the best players in the squad – it
is a decent feeling to know the current quality of the side is of this level
rather than the unknown quantity it was last season.
Furthermore fitness reports from
the north of Scotland
suggest the players are showing impressive signs of stamina and resilience,
which, may or may not be correlated to the departure of fitness coach Adam
Disappointing striker Kal
Naismith, not exactly the flavour of the month last season, is also on trial at
Accrington Stanley with a view to a permanent deal so this would be a departure
fans would favour.
It really is mostly good news at
Ibrox, boosted by the further departure of Malcolm Murray after his controversial
tenure at the club along with Phil Cartmell. James Easdale has made the step up
to the board and should be given every chance to prove his integrity and
ability to have a positive influence on Rangers.
Compare this with last season.
There really is no comparison.


  1. It is about time we had some positivity around Ibrox and your article points the way. We must as Rangers fans look to the future; not forgetting all the wrondoing heaped upon our club in the past, but a time to back the club, give it our full support and that means, let the boardroom matters be kept in the boardroom, get the club finacially stable and let us all forget the internal wrangles and back Ally McCoist to get Rangers back to where they belong.
    I like many others last year mumped and moaned about results, performances, fitness, the fitness to manage by the Rangers management, but look at what we achieved; exactly what every Rangers fan wanted at the outset of being reinstalled as Rangers in the fourth tier of Scottish football; we won the league by a country mile.
    We can all gripe about Ally McCoists signings; Sandaza was a big dissappointment in performance but suffered a horrendous injury, Kevin Kyle unlucky with injuries and fitness along with Dean Shiels, Andy Little, Lewis McLeod, Lee McCulloch and others out with injury at strategic times in the season. Ian Black failed to show the form he had prior to signing for Rangers, but some of the tackles he took would have crippled some players and it is my opinion he had to tone down his aggression or suffer the consequences the referees would dole out.
    Ally made three impromptuous signings, or did he; just maybe Argyiou, Cribari and Faure were thrust upon him, the Greek certainly doen't look much of a player, but it some spells Cribari looked an excellent tackler, but has little or no pace or heading ability and Faure is young and may be someone for the future.
    This seasons signings look more promising, almost all, with exception of Peralta have some links to Rangers, ex players, supporters of the club or their dad played with the club, the exception Jon Daly who has to be put down as a very good signing, if he repeats the form he had with Dundee United, we are in for a high scoring season.
    Lets back the club on all fronts, I'll be there in the Govan Front, my 26th consecutive year as season ticket holder. Ready

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