Craig Whyte – Malevolent or Just Mad


Sitting in his plush Monaco
apartment, Craig Whyte apparently sleeps ‘very soundly’ at night. Accepting no
responsibility for his role in plunging Rangers into administration and nearly
killing the club outright, Whyte instead appears to brag about his period at Ibrox and has no remorse for anything he did.
A ‘lifelong Rangers fan’, Whyte
brazenly appeared on Sky Sports News live from Monaco, the rich man’s
playground where he lives in blissful ignorance (or is it disregard) of the
damage he caused.
A year on from causing incredible
grief and carnage, Whyte had no apology whatsoever and why SSN felt the urge to
give the malevolent ‘businessman’ airtime to share his thoughts is anyone’s
Not only using supporters’ own
cash to ‘buy’ Rangers via Ticketus, not only lying to them about his intentions
plus selling off for half value the club’s prize asset Nikica Jelavic, not only
all that, but justifying the behaviour which led to administration too.
            “I welcome any fair investigation into
anything to do with the takeover, the insolvency, whatever. I welcome that and
would be happy to co-operate with any of that. Anybody will see that there has
been no wrongdoing whatsoever. And, if I was a crook or a wide boy, do you
really think I would be stupid enough to go in and do anything remotely crooked
at a high-profile football club? The whole notion is just utterly
The undisputed absolute fact is
that Craig Whyte did not pay PAYE or NI as boss of Rangers – he withheld
players’ contributions to both these mandatory funds before HMRC cottoned on.
So much so, that on discovery of his crime, which, let us face it, is what
neglecting to pay these compulsory changes is defined as, HMRC wanted their
money back and demanded the company be placed immediately into administration
in order to force it. They got their way but not their administrators, as
messrs Duff & Phelps, AKA David Whitehouse and Paul Clark moved in. It was
not the pre-Whyte BTC which forced admin, but Whyte’s refusal to comply with
the law.
So it seems bewildering that he
completely denies any wrongdoing whatsoever. The man was caught red-handed and
is under police investigation as a result. His arrogance and refusal to
‘confess’ is a staggering insult to every Rangers fan and indeed anyone with
any intelligence.
The biggest individual enemy of
the club? It would seem so. Admittedly he is no longer a threat on any level,
but no one man ever caused Rangers more damage. Stewart Regan does push him
close though. Speaking of him, however, there is an ironic piece of acidic
amusement; Whyte is suing the SFA. Two enemies of Rangers going head to head in
court with victory for one bankrupting the other.
            “The SFA need to be exposed. And,
believe me, they’re going to be exposed. Let’s see if that happens. I’ll be
suing them for many millions of pounds and I believe I’ve got a strong case;
I’ve been advised I’ve got a strong case. Let’s see what happens.”
It would certainly not be an
unwelcome sight for Rangers fans to see the similarly malevolent SFA, whose
attempts at hurting Rangers are ongoing, crushed to absolutely nothing.
Now it is plain that Whyte is a
liar, and there is a 99% chance no court action will ever take place given he
threatened to do the same to the BBC and never did, but that 1% is a
tantalising prospect.
They say the enemy of my enemy is
my friend. In this case Whyte is no one’s friend, but if his last ‘hurrah’ is
bringing down the SFA then so be it.
However, many fans would probably
rather Craig Whyte stayed in his Monaco apartment and never came out
again, except into a prison van.


  1. Being jailed for his crimes almost seem too good for him , this scumbag has single handedly destroyed our club and its` reputation Worldwide . I want this guy to be publicly hung out to dry and want to see his apologies to the staff at Ibrox who lost pay / jobs ,,, the players who were left in limbo to decide their own fate and ultimatley chose to leave us , because they had to pay their mortgage and were given no other choice . The Fans who have had to put up with an endless tirade from our adversaries ,,, and if this guy has one iota of the hurt he has caused the supporters of our beloved club , he should admit he lied , lied and lied again .
    We have saved our club ,,, how many other clubs will be destroyed because of egoistic entrepreuners who are only interested in making a quick buck ?

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