A Bunch of Whyte Lies

Just when the club was starting
to look healthy again, just as financial stability appeared to have been
reached with the dismissal of debt and the BTC, and the horrible memories of
the terminal decline of the old company were starting to become more bearable,
just as the all-new share issue on the alternative investment market had been
announced and a fledgling pledge of £18M projected;

The goblin returned.
The BBC’s terminal harbinger of
bad Rangers news, Chris McLaughlin, once again delighted in breaking mainstream
(with ‘ill Phil’ already possessing the information 24 hours earlier) news of
new ‘revelations’ from the Anti-Christ that is Craig Whyte relating to Ticketus
and Charles Green. Not only did the BBC Scotland Sport homepage boast a picture
which made Whyte look like a cross between Quasimodo and Gollum (not wholly
inaccurate there I suppose) but they were now hankering to a man who they had
viciously smeared previously and who had ‘banned’ them for effectively
discovering his grubby past.
So, here was Whyte, the guy Mark
Daly had publicly slain, giving an interview to Daly’s colleague McLaughlin
(who yours truly had the dubious honour of seeing in person outside Hampden
yawning on the day Green and McCoist had their SFA disrepute charge hearing. Unsurprisingly
he was completely alone). Quite incredible hypocrisy from both it would have to
be said. Admittedly less so from the BBC’s Scottish HQ given their appalling
descent into disgusting tabloid fodder in recent years, hence complete lack of
objective reporting or wilful consistency in their integrity and moral
standards.  But from Craig Whyte? The
former Rangers ‘owner’ who nigh pawned-off Ibrox and its assets to Ticketus was
now feeding from the hand that ‘bit’ him (if you will forgive the rather
violating perversion of that old adage).
Nothing quite like attention to
bring someone out from under a rock and the chance to ‘clear’ their name. Or
was he just plain paid? Rumour has it Whyte is bankrupt now so a few quid from
Auntie would not go amiss.
Crucially, I should not continue
without pointing out I did not read a word of his nonsense or give Pacific Quay
any of the attention it craved by tuning in for any broadcast. After all the
lies he spun previously, regardless of who he spoke to, it would be laughable
to take Whyte seriously now. Furthermore, can a man who breaks the law by
withholding company PAYE and VAT be trusted? Probably not. In fact, word is
McLaughlin caught him lying, or accused him of lying, regarding Ticketus, then
proceeded to believe his claims about Charles Green. The ‘sporting integrity’
of the increasingly inept BBC within the central belt knows no bounds. It is
lies when suitable, and truth when likewise.
Clearly, however, what he said
was enough to rile Rangers’ CEO Charles Green into giving an interview to STV’s
Peter Adam Smith (@PeterAdamSmith) to clarify a great deal
of the nonsense the Trojan horse had espoused. His interview for Scotland
Tonight cleared up a great many questions thanks to good questioning from
Smith, with one caveat; Mr Green slightly contradicted himself over how he was
introduced to Rangers: one minute Craig Whyte had been the individual liaising
with him and introducing him to Duff & Phelps, the next it was impending
shareholder Imran Ahmed who had sought Green out and introduced him to the
concept of the club. It was not 100% clear, unless his own oratory skills had
deserted him and he was badly composing how Ahmed had initially sought him out
about Rangers and it had consequently been mandatory to meet with the current
owner and administrators for progress to be made. He categorically denied
association with Whyte.
Green has been pretty good thus
far, so it is worth giving the man the benefit of the doubt nevertheless.
The interview otherwise named
several shareholders, expressed the true value of Rangers’ and its assets (anywhere
between £80M and £100M), and also stated a great deal more information would be
in the public domain within weeks. Green also highlighted that because the
floatation to the alternative investment market requires an IPO, an ‘initial
public offering’, you cannot lie about any of the facts you claim about your
business. Hence the information becoming public over the coming weeks.
All of this because Craig Whyte
had the sheer brass neck to crawl back into the limelight for yet another 15
minutes of unearned fame. Why? Beyond the possibility of being paid, is it unreasonable to suggest BBC Scotland Sport’s agenda against Rangers would even include the desire to hijack the upcoming share issue? Given the corporation’s previous, it would not be a shock.
Whyte is a vile blot on Rangers’
history; the man who brought about the dissolution of the old company due to
his law-breaking exploits, and a man who filled supporters’ heads with lie
after lie. He should be put on trial for the crimes he has confessed to, given
Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric were tried for similar ones they completely
denied. Sooner that happens the better, but for now if there is even a decent
single bone in his body, the man should stay away from the media and keep
silent forever more.
It is not often a stain is Whyte.