Thursday, 5 December 2019

Rangers fans are absolutely stunned by this Stevie G decision

Yes, we’re still going on about last night. Hard not to – it was our chance to go 12 clear of the Dons and we failed. Horribly.

But one thing stood out (well actually a few did) last night which simply had ourselves and we believe 99% of the support scratching their heads:

On 90 minutes, needing a goal, Stevie withdrew Ryan Kent and brought Nikola Katic on.

Now, we love big Niko as much as anyone, regulars will know we’re massive admirers of the Croat.

But when you’re desperately seeking a goal, your secret weapon is unlikely to be bringing on a third defender and taking off the most potent attacker you have.

Anyone absolutely at a loss to explain why Stevie did this?

We initially reckoned it was to provide an aerial attacking threat at set pieces, but that’s a stretch and a really stupid reason to bring on a defender – there is no guarantee you’ll get any. But in open play, you need your attackers, and to bring Kent off made absolutely zero sense, even if his performance wasn’t spectacular.

Even less sense was bringing on Katic.

No, this is one we’ll hand over to you lot – because we have no idea.


  1. Bottled it pure simple, would not risk a goal So played a draw.unforgivable

  2. The timing of the substitution seemed blatantly obvious why he made the change. We were almost at the end of the match, about to take a corner and Katic offers more of a threat in the air than Kent. A sensible substitution to try and get a winner.

  3. We had a corner big man could of made difference. Not rocket science

  4. He maybe heard Hamilton had equalised and was happy to settle for a draw. Give the criticism a rest.....It's football, these things happen. The tims will be in their element reading your articles since last night!

  5. They will pull away and we will get beat on Sunday if we play let me that.

  6. We'll get destroyed if we play like that. Their side passing and lack of courage, pissed me off, too.

  7. It was a bad game Aberdeen were shite and we were bad second half let's move on WATP

  8. Are u serious the Katic sub bamboozled U??
    We were banging balls into the box, have u seen big Katic in the air or for that matter Ryan in the air??
    Never thought this one through did Ye!!


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