Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Meltdown at Hampden as Rangers karma hits home

Anyone of a Rangers persuasion reading Kris Boyd’s quotes this morning can forgive themselves a little smile. The former Rangers striker aggressively lamented the abject poverty of stricken Scotland, the NT on the back of yet another humbling defeat as coach Steve Clarke spins the usual nonsense denying there’s any issues in the camp, despite captain Andy Robertson suggesting the contrary.

And we can’t help feeling just a little sense of karma here. Clarke, who childishly goaded Rangers fans on his final appearance as Killie manager, having raised the Rugby Park squad’s stock to astonishing levels, was now off to manage SFA FC and cultivate that Kilmarnock ‘difficult to beat’ mentality at national levels.

And yet four losses in six, (three in four under Clarke), the ridiculous selection of three Killie players over the likes of Ryan Jack in the last international break, and now the whole regime being lambasted by all and sundry really does feel like a touch of the chicken coming home to roost.

This Scotland, just like the last one and the one before that, is a complete joke. A manager who doesn’t take responsibility, mostly players who are beyond horrendous, and a selection of squad which is utterly comical – whether Boyd went too far or is bang on is for others to decide, but it’s clear SFA FC is only getting worse.

They switch manager all the time, they switch players all the time, and for a team which has McGregor, McGinn and McTominay (Two PL players and an SPL player) in its midfield it sure doesn’t play like it.

The SFA rot which set in over a decade ago has become totally endemic – that an entire generation of Scotland fans has never seen its side at a major championship following another which took its presence at world cups and European Championships for borderline granted is a true indictment of the bowels to which Scotland have plummeted.

And yet we can’t sit here and feel bad – this is a regime and an association which has frequently bullied and punished Rangers, ever since the Loch Lomond farce of 2008, and while a few Rangers players were a bit naughty, yes, the grudge has clearly remained and Hampden joined the BBC in being systematically and deliberately anti-Rangers.

So forgive us for not bawling at Scotland’s pathetic demise from a-once proud nation to this withering wreck.

You brought it on yourselves.

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