Friday, 2 August 2019

"He's changed - 7" - Rangers ratings v Progres...

After a stale performance in Luxembourg which manager Steven Gerrard assessed as a ‘grind’, Ibrox Noise takes you through our rates for the players in the Light Blue shirt who just about got to the next round of the UEL.


Again, called into action more than he expected, and misjudged a ball’s flight very badly indeed – this wasn’t the most assured display from the keeper, and he even decided to have a go at a striker on a night when the ref was card happy. Adequate. 6


Since the loss of Candeias, Tavernier has changed. It’s simple as that. He is nowhere near as gung-ho as he was, and he’s taken more responsibility at the back. He’s defending better, more resolutely, and looks more mature. The cost is his flanking attacking has been dunted and less crosses are coming in from Rangers’ right. He’s different, if not inferior. We’re interested to see how he develops in this manner. 7


Goldson has also changed, and tactically it’s interesting too – he’s coming out wide right more to cover Tavernier a little, and advancing more, while seemingly sharper with the ball at his feet. He appears to have worked on his ball retention and uses it better. His defending has also seen a little touch of development as well. 7


Terrible with his attacking headers, but fairly robust at the back – the duo with Goldson did get exposed down to a lack of communication at times, but Katic tried his hardest to repel what came his way. Problem is he’s in and out of the team and it’s not helping him feel settled. 7


After the early pre-season hopes, we have to admit he’s not quite developed in the way we wanted. He isn’t attacking with much effect, his crossing simply doesn’t exist, and he’s not linking up with the left, be it Jones, Arfield or whoever any more. Defending is ok, he’s stopping more attacks than he used to, but still gets exposed and still doesn’t look completely comfortable in our shirt. He’s better than he was, but it’s not saying much. Rightly hooked at HT, yellow or not. 6


This was a better display from Kamara who got around a lot and worked very hard indeed to both defend and support the front. He was always available and was good on the ball – didn’t lose it much at all and it was a big improvement from recent displays. 8


Solid from Jack – no matter how many times some fans say he’s going to struggle for game time, he just keeps on motoring on. He’s a very dynamic player these days and can play anywhere in midfield. He supported everyone around him and made few errors. 7


This was probably his worst performance and yet he was still very, very good. He wasn’t as hugely in this match as he might have been, but what he did remained slick, composed and effective. He’s strong, he doesn’t lose the ball and he’s great at stealing it off opponents’ feet. We really, really like this lad. 8


Just keeps on giving the energy between midfield and attack – but still clearly isn’t fit yet. He’s been struggling to give 90 minutes since his return, we wonder if he’s been overplayed. But he will never stop running for his team mates and remains a huge leader out there. 7


A big return to form for Sheyi – still slightly selfish in places, but a real sign of development last night. Used the ball mostly very well indeed, won a tonne of free kicks, and towards the end of the match started being a real team player and being incredibly unselfish where a potshot might have been a better move. Much better Sheyi, this is what we saw from you in those early matches. Keep it up. 8


Got very, very little service so wasn’t able to have a big impact on this one. He thrives on ball to feet and space to run into, but there was a lack of supply of this and he had little joy. Not a night he could really excel, but not really his fault. 5



Not a whole hell of a lot better than Barisic, frankly. This was not a night of good football for a number of our players, and both LBs are included. He was ok, but didn't do a lot to stand out. 6


Didn't look distracted when he came on, looked like he wanted to prove himself, this was a strong cameo from Morelos - perhaps putting himself in the shop window, who knows. Strong, focused, and working for the team, we liked his appearance here. 7


Didn't really have a huge impact in himself but did help the attacking swathes of the final 15-20 minutes in which Rangers could have pinched a win on the night. 6

Steven Gerrard:

He’s not happy with the overall performance and it’s no surprise – it wasn’t garbage but it was a long way off good enough and he needs his men to buck up their ideas dramatically for Sunday. There were a fair number of decent individual performances but collectively it was significantly lacking. He’s also still rotating too much, having made four changes from the first leg, and there’s no coincidence last season’s best displays were with that settled XI post-split. So, while the team seems a little off the boil right now, his search for the best XI isn’t helping that. 6

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