Monday, 12 August 2019

Has one simple gesture at Ibrox changed £15M transfer?

Following English transfer deadline day, one player, more than most, as usual, was heavily linked to a switch down south.

Indeed, West Brom were reported to have had a £12M bid rejected for Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos, and that evening his performance in Denmark was that of a player energised and ready to do damage.

And damage he did, with a fine goal to set the evening’s action off to the liveliest start.

And yesterday, tellingly, not only did he use his brief substitute’s cameo in the most venomous way with a stunning brace late on, but his celebration, in the case of both goals, was equally revealing.

We’re not fans on Ibrox Noise of these modern ‘emotes’ and internet symbols being brought into the ‘real world’, but when Alfredo Morelos does the heart symbol not once but twice, the Colombian is speaking directly to the supporters.

Yes, he’s done that one before, but this was two and they were concerted, and deliberate. It’s a cheesy gesture of course, and not one we thrive on watching, but for the person doing it, it’s a message of affection and happiness.

And for Morelos to send that signal out not only twice yesterday but after his goal in Denmark too does suggest something quite dramatic has happened:

Has Alfredo Morelos decided he’s actually happy at Ibrox now and is content to stay?

He looks it, if we’re honest, and his performances in the past two matches have been prolific. For the striker to open the scoring in Denmark with such a brilliant finish then follow it up with another two in Glasgow with a message of affection to the support each time as well, it speaks volumes.

Yes, he has been doing this celebration most of the season (didn’t do it in Gibraltar) but for him to continue to do it yesterday despite being benched seems to show a side of him content now to both remain at Ibrox and to not necessarily be a guaranteed starter for now.

We’ve been very very critical of Morelos down the years at times, while always being fair and praising his excellent displays – and he’s produced many of those – but the attitude has historically been his Achilles heel. Well, the past two performances have shown an upgrade here, and if he keeps this up, he will finally grow into the complete striker he’s close to being.

And that would be a hell of a coup for Rangers.

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