Wednesday, 30 January 2019

"The ball is in their court" - Stevie reveals the truth about deal...

Steven Gerrard has confirmed that the only reason Dundee midfielder Glen Kamara hasn’t already joined Rangers is the Dee’s refusal to play ball with Rangers.

The 23-year old Fin had briefly looked certain to make his pre-contract an immediate transfer, but after negotiations broke down between Rangers and Dundee, it appears likely the international will remain in Dundee for the rest of the season.

Unless, that is, the Dens Park side give some quarter and let him go now for what is likely to be a modest fee rather than losing him for nowt in the summer.

Gerrard admitted:

“We have obviously spoken to Dundee about the situation. The ball is in Dundee’s court.”

This is football-talk for ‘we’ve offered x amount and they said no’. The fact is the anchorman will leave for free in five months, and is likely to be minimally involved for the rest of the season given his head has been entirely turned and reports are he downed tools on the pitch and just isn’t focused on Jim McIntyre’s side.

Not terribly professional but there you go.

However, would Dundee not be better off accepting a £50,000-£150,000 fee now for him rather than absolutely nothing in June?

Seems their pride is more important than their bank balance.
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