Thursday, 6 December 2018

The Madness of King Morelos

Only two days ago Ibrox Noise noted with curiosity an article from another Rangers site which was widely doing the rounds in defence of Alfredo Morelos.

It gained praise and critical plaudits for its method of exploring the uneven portrayal of Morelos in the media and in Scottish football compared with his peers like McGinn, Griffiths and other rogues from our league, past and present.

Unfortunately this piece was setting Morelos up for a big fall, and he duly delivered (again) last night as he let his team down during the latest episode of his disciplinarian disaster.

The problem we had with the piece circulating the wires was not that it was inaccurate, but that it was making the wrong argument. It asked why these other guys don’t get the nonsense in the press and our game that Morelos does given he actually has less cards than in certain cases. And that’s a fair question, but ultimately it’s an irrelevant one. The real question which matters is why does Morelos let himself and his club down on the occasions that truly matter in a manner which always appears self-combustive?

We have been loving Morelos in recent weeks, but there is no doubt he has issues on the high pressure occasions, both ability wise and discipline wise. He is unable to deliver his usual self and seems to struggle with the pressure to contain his composure as well – his frequent bottles in front of goal on the big moments in conjunction with needless and idiotic reds and yellows undermine the frequent and excellent work he does otherwise.

And moaning about why the press doesn’t target players on other teams quite frankly doesn’t help. Because we don’t ever remember Dembele getting sent off frequently (in fact he’s never been sent off) – or Griffith (ditto), or McGinn etc. The comparison is literally in the region of ‘but they did it too’. And yet they didn’t.

Even Steven Gerrard last night did not defend Morelos, and no one else it seems did either. We have certainly backed the striker up with regards his physical approach, as has Gerrard, but that’s not the same as discipline. Gerrard has confirmed he tried to talk to his lads about that very problem, but evidently it was in one ear and out the other.

When this all started it was the outrage about Morelos’ kick out at Pittodrie earlier this season, and how a red card wasn’t warranted. True, it was rescinded, but frankly his intent was evident and we were pleasantly surprised the suspension was withdrawn. If he’d been booked straight on plenty of fans would have been considering him lucky it wasn’t a red.

And it was a sign of things to come on that front.

This has grown into an issue because it is an issue, whether we like it or not, and no deflection and complaining about an uneven playing field of Rangers’ treatment in the press is going to change Morelos’ actions from a red into a yellow or less. If you lash out, you get an early bath.

If Gerrard has tried to fix this, and he says he has, and has clearly failed, the only hope left is that Morelos can curb this as much as possible via his own willpower.

On his game he’s an asset and every inch a £30M striker – but there is something psychological blocking him from making the step up and becoming what he should.

He’s nearly there, but until he can beat his demons and break out from the pressure bottles while keeping himself on the pitch, he won’t quite overcome that final hurdle.

Gerrard has worked wonders with him, but the work is not done yet.


  1. He's a pain in the arse, is what he is. If I didn't know better, i'd think he was sabotaging us. I think he is a great player, on his days, but this indiscipline is starting to grate. I'd sell him for as much as we can get and buy somebody as talented, but more stable.

  2. Well I don't know about the rest of you,but I for one was shocked to see morelos coming on to the pitch in the second half after getting a yellow in the first,the way that game was going he was a cert to go.
    Four people were to blame for that sending off,first was Levin for his remarks last week anybody into football heard about that,the second is Gerard for putting him on in the second half,the third was shinnie who after getting a wee slap rolling about as if he had been hit by a truck,and the fourth is morelos himself how many times does it take to sink in. Why has nobody mentioned shinnie in this incident,he was a fkn disgrace for the whole 90 minutes last night,the slightest touch and down he went and he wasn't the only sheep to do it,,,Also I know its work in progress but SG team left a lot to be desired,,i defy anyone out there if they would have put Flanagan,culibaly or ejaria on that pitch last night.

  3. I think it's just the way he is after all he is Latin has a temper spits the dummy out don't think there's much anyone can do about it just have too take the bad with his brilliant best

  4. I love Morelos and he simply had a bad day at the office, lost the plot but where would we be without him, he's allowed the odd blip for all the good he does in every other game, give the boy a break because if it wasn't for him we would probably be sitting 6th in the table and l pray to god we don't sell him in January

  5. I say we keep him til the summer then sell him for as much as we can get
    ...Cut our Losses

    As much as I Love Morelos, He is a Liability, Hes Like a Firework and He is Clearly not Listening to his Manager!

  6. Have some sympathy for Olly. The signs were there.
    Also agree re Shinnie. Yet I think he has more yellows in last 18 months than Alfredo, showing he can give it but not take it.
    And agree re empty jerseys, those three were dire

  7. I know the article you are referring to and I thought it was a very good article making some valid points. To me the point of the article wasn't to defend Morelos' constant misdemeanours but instead to highlight the treatment he receives from the media and, to be fair, from referees. How often do you see Morelos get the benefit of the doubt from referees. His first booking against Aberdeen was a case in point. Very soft. He is without doubt singled out for different treatment. This is all of his own making because he doesn't seem to be intelligent enough to understand that players and fans will target him because he has shown in the past that he can't deal with it. Easy target. Then you have the disgrace of Levein from Sunday with his comments that suggested Morelos is some kind of thug when he is no more than a physical player in the mould of revered players like Hately, Hartson, Jordan or even his own powerful striker who missed the game last week. The consequence was that Morelos getting booked last night was inevitable and the referee couldn't get the card out of his pocket quick enough when he saw Morelos involved.
    I think the point regarding Griffiths wasn't so much a comparison of their playing styles and their disciplinary records but that he is a complete arsehole but doesn't get anywhere near the pressure or bad publicity applied to Morelos. As for Shinnie he picks up more bookings than Morelos but is portrayed as an inspirational captain rather than an indisciplined fool.

    1. The point is we shouldn’t spend more time complaining about apparent uneven coverage of Morelos than we do actually addressing the clear problem we do have with him. The points in the piece weren’t unfair, but they were focused on the wrong thing.

  8. Morelos is a good signing for what we paid great spot by JJ .He has the ability and potential to be better but it will take time sorry to say!! He will not change over night and to be honest I don't want him to change well not his style or most of his attitude there is no other striker like him in this league and not many similar in the EFL either . I say stick with him till the end of the season and see what money is offered ....But He is not easy replaced so ?????

    1. Good point. IN, how about an article looking at how we could replace Morelos if he goes next summer for £20M. Options etc


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