Friday, 23 November 2018

Why Steven Gerrard should not make this massive mistake

On the subject of ex-players returning, we’re well aware of Charlie Adam’s recent alleged ‘come and get me’ pleas and claims from some quarters that Stevie might be interested.

We understand this topic has been polled by various fan channels and it’s been an overwhelming ‘no’ from most supporters.

And we firmly, 100%, and absolutely agree on that opinion.

Not only is he technically well past his best (he’s 32 and his best was never that great in the first place) but we vividly remember more than a couple of ignominious blots on his past Rangers copybook.

Firstly was his thuggery. During his time at Ibrox, during two matches in succession, he stomped firmly on a beached opponent. One, as memory serves, was at Ibrox on the leg, and the following was a live televised match and in the torso. It was pure, calculated malevolence and while football can be a rough business, that was below the belt. We didn’t like it from Harry Forrester, and we didn’t like it from Adam.

Secondly is probably the more universally remembered stuff from the dark days of 2012/2013 when ‘Rangers supporting’ Charlie Adam made it clear he didn’t give a sh*t about the future of the club, just as long as his brother’s career was safe:

"I am not interested. Simple as that. It is nothing to do with me, I don't need to say anything. The only person I am interested in is my brother. My brother is there and for me, that's the important thing. He might lose his job and it is going to be difficult. I have spoken to Grant but that remains private between us because he is my brother and that's the way it goes. But the rest of it, it is nothing to do with me. I can't affect what has happened there and what has gone before. That's the situation Rangers are in and they have to deal with it. I don't have any bad feelings (towards Rangers). At the end of the day, whatever I say won't make a difference. They are in a bad way, everybody knows that, let's get on with it, deal with it and move on."

Thanks Charlie, nice to know you had ‘no bad feelings’ and didn’t care about the dozens, hundreds of other employees whose jobs were at risk.

Sadly, this is the kind of stuff that bites you in the rear end when you end up in need yourself, with a faltering career. Now that Rangers are back and going in the right direction, NOW you are interested?

Now that we have Stevie Gerrard as manager, a little bit of money, and European football, NOW you want back.

Please Stevie, ignore this.

“We are not interested. Simple as that.”


  1. I agree with most of what you say I don't want him either but we have took Lafferty and Mcgrgor back with Steven Davis getting a mention to not much said on the first two's return. As for now having a wee bit of money come on we have just posted a 14.3 million pound loss a don't think that qualifies us as having a wee bit if money so need to disagree with you on that point.

  2. Not in a Million Years
    See ya Bye Charlie!

    Id have Pena back before Re-Signing Adam 😂

  3. More Turkish Delight from the daily record again. A story linking us with Solanke but no name to go with story printed record sport on line it says. What a bunch chancers they are over there. Ever since Jackass Jackson put it out there that Whyte had wealth off the radar these dafties are still trying to feed us more bullshit. And he has never apologised for that garbage he fed us. I hate that newspaper if you can call it that.

  4. Charlie Adams faults were always his fitness, his weight, and his lack of pace. None of that will have improved at the age of 33. Avoid.
    It's very simple. We should be looking at young hungry players with potential and possible sell on value. Just like Windass. I know he wasn't everyone's cup of tea but he came here, scored a good number of goals and made us a tidy couple of million when we sold him.

  5. No chance
    Nice guy & all that but if we wanna be taken seriously we cant take him back

    Let him be a commentator,cabt be worse than Boyd.


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