Friday, 23 November 2018

Steven Gerrard must make a big decision on growing problem soon

We must admit a little surprise here at Ibrox Noise towers. After preaching pre-season that while Andy Halliday was an honourable player who we had few issues with, but who wasn’t good enough for regular first team action, Steven Gerrard has seen it differently and deployed him 17 times which is a more than healthy number for the former Livi man.

He’s been used in a flexible auxiliary fashion, mostly as left back, but often as defensive midfield and occasionally more advanced, but the return of Croatian international Borna Barisic does beg the question now of Halliday’s role.

The ex-Osijek defender has not quite hit the ground running at Ibrox yet due to a combination of injury, lack of match sharpness, and the same sense of culture alienation that may have affected Eros Grezda as well, and as such his absence has not been as big a hole as it may have.

Halliday, quite honestly, has done fairly well in his various positions, if not maybe at the general level we need moving truly forward and progressing.

Gerrard has had no qualms with ego though and had no issue not selecting arguably the summer’s biggest signing in Kyle Lafferty, given Kyle’s general failure to deliver and ‘problems’ off the pitch – so when it comes to dropping players, we know our manager is willing. Not consistently, perhaps, but he does.

So with Barisic back, and surely defensive midfield has quite enough quality to make selecting Halliday there a hindrance at best, could One of Our Own now see his first team chances limited?

He’s been an immensely useful utility player, but the cold brutal truth is, while we’ve supported the guy here in the face of fan adversity, we have never denied he isn’t good enough overall for the standard we attain to.

A Croat international is.

As for Jon Flanagan, it seems apparent the ex-Liverpool fullback is becoming more and more a squad player. After a bright start, his performances have fluctuated and while his defending is mostly reliable (not always, think Killie), his output in the opposition half is limited at best – something we can’t accuse Barisic of.

Borna Barisic was Steven Gerrard’s big shiny summer signing for that position – he cost a lot of money and he’s an international for one of the best national squads in the world.

It would be utterly silly for him not to be the first choice in his preferred position.

The rest will take care of itself.


  1. Good to have you back online IN

  2. This is the problem with having a big squad. Not enough places for everyone to play. And to think we are linked with another left back.

  3. The sooner barisic is fit and playing the better but there will always be a place in the squad for the "unofficial captain". He's never put a foot wrong even tho he constantly plays out of position. People forget he's not a left back or even a defensive midfielder! #55

  4. The depth strength and quality of the squad will be fully tested over the coming weeks so we must have players who can play in more than one position and are willing to put themselves on the line Halliday is one of this type of player and one thing he does have is commitment to the cause

  5. Get Rid of Flanagan!

    RB - Tav & Someone Else (Not Flan)
    LB - Barisic with Wallace as No.2

    And There should always be a Place at Rangers for Andy Halliday!
    (Along with Lee Wallace)


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