Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Mystery surrounds circumstances of key Rangers man

Mystery has begun to surround the circumstances of star summer striker signing Kyle Lafferty.

As fans know the Northern Ireland international was brought in as a big-name hitman up front, expected to challenge Alfredo Morelos for a place and become a mainstay of the first XI. However the reality of his contribution has not exactly met this anticipation.

Barely a bit-part player, Lafferty has struggled to get game time at all, finding himself mostly benched and only infrequently coming on as a sub.

The issue with his country’s last international break certainly remains prominent, but sadly we have to touch on alleged issues in his private life, which we won’t go into in any depth, and wonder just how deeply they are currently affecting him.

There are also some other separate allegations circulating around about him, which similarly will not be met with any insight here, and we are a touch concerned his focus is not as on his job as it could be.

Lafferty has a few goals (four in fact), but his appearances have been damningly restricted by Steven Gerrard and he’s made in total a stunning two starts since he joined – we bear in mind he has had some injury issues as well, but simply put we’re more than a little concerned about the return for the reported £600,000.

We know Kyle is a troubled lad, and equally he’s one of us who plays for the team and by no means is this article an attack on either his personality, lifestyle or ability – we just want to see him delivering what we know he can and hopefully a cessation of the possible baggage that may or may not be going on with him.

Good luck!
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