Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Steven Gerrard's latest confession may reassure Rangers fans

We’ve been harsh but fair on Steven Gerrard recently, calling his errors against Livi and supporting him to learn from that.

And in another instance of admirable humility, despite the post-match media gaffes the man arguably  made, his recent comments to club channel Rangers TV are much more like what we need from him and boost our respect for him even more.

Gerrard was more than a little arrogant after the 90, for despite admitting Livi deserved the win, he also discredited them by suggesting Rangers shouldn’t ‘be cut up’ by teams like them. Maybe true but not something a manager should say.

But today, three days on, the man has clearly done exactly what we advised and learned from this, with a comment which makes us more reassured by him and his intentions.

He said:

"This defeat will improve me because I made a few mistakes within that game on Sunday as well. The first thing I do is I always analyse myself and my staff, what did we do? Did we do anything wrong? Could we have done anything different or better?"

This kind of introspective reflection is the only way Steven Gerrard will learn on the job – he will learn next to nothing through wins, and if willing to look inside himself, will learn so much from ugly results like these.

Going by these comments, he is, and is more than enthusiastically willing to change the mistakes.

Gerrard is learning fast on the job, and despite the horrific away record, if he can continue to soak it all in as fast as he appears to be, he will have the ability to turn the negatives around.


  1. I think SG is going to be some manager given time. The problem with clubs the size of Rangers and Ceptic is every game needs won or you held accountable. Brenda is under pressure after 3 trebles in 2 years for losing 2 league games. In perspective at any other club bar ours and they ones on the green side that wouldn't be a crisis. I am still 100% behind SG and am playing the long game, like he is, which at our club is dangerous.

  2. I think we need to give him time, he will come good fast. As long as we have an overall improvement from last season and at least finish second. We can't just keep ripping up the entire team every season and bringing another 15 players. Perhaps next season we only need 6 new players to build on the foundations of this season. Maybe we need to spend (relatively) big on a few choice signings rather than buying a whole new team.

  3. I'm not confident, if Morelos is going to be upfront, for Rapid. Hopeful, obviously, but insecure. All it will take is one sending off or petulant back-chat to the refs and you know what can happen. Costing us, in the league and Europa.


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