Thursday, 4 October 2018

Kings of Vienna; a picture speaks a thousand words

After another stunning night in Europe for Rangers in this season’s Europa League, this photo of one of tonight’s heroes Alfredo Morelos pretty much sums up the mood from a Rangers point of view.

Another evening of absolute heroics which leaves Rangers sitting pretty in their group, and the sight of Morelos lying flat on his back in sheer delirium will live long in the memory following 90 pulsating minutes and a first win for Rangers in a European group stage for 7+ years.

After the fantastic display in Spain, hopes were high that Rangers could manage something useful tonight, but few saw a truly convincing 3-1 home win on the cards; and while the night had its hairy moments, performances like Morelos’ helped seal the deal and we are in a state of numb joy at how well the 90 unfolded.

We’ll have full and proper analysis in due course, but let’s savour a wondrous night for what it was – the type Rangers and our fans deserve.

Well played.
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